Some prophesy – church adventures – bad words

A very good and old friend sent me a transcript of a conversation between a lady and a young girl who spontaneously sees visions of the future and I would like to quote it here because I know some people are concerned about the way the world is going and they want to know how they can have an attitude most conducive to survival.

Nancy: You said that you had visions of the Earth’s future.
Giselle: I saw where the world would be ending in fire. I could see this gynormous wall of fire and heat and lower energies hovering over the earth. That’s why the raising of consciousness has to happen, so people can see what is happening as a cleaning of the earth instead of just a destruction. the raising of consciousness is so that it is not as bad when the destruction happens. Will be less chaotic and people won’t feel less fearful.
The consciousness has already shifted. People had an opportunity to change it way back but they didn’t take that opportunity. They started with destruction of trees, and contamination, and processing food, and getting people’s energies lower. When everything started going down they had an opportunity to stop and live in God’s world instead of trying to create their own. But they didn’t. So it’s really our fault, not God’s fault. It’s what we’re eating, our thoughts, the way we live. People say, “It’s just me being human.” When you tap into your soul you’re not just being human. If everybody was more tapped into their soul none of this would have happened.
Nancy: What happens to human beings after the fires?
Giselle: We all leave and we go into our soul form and we go with God and that’s where we stay until God figures out a plan for where we go then. We have to keep learning and growing so we’re either going to reincarnate back here when the world is regenerated or we go to another star. I really don’t know. But even if I was going to be present at that time I wouldn’t be afraid because I know that it’s necessary and I know whatever happens to me, I’m fine.

I like the calm assurance of this young lady and I wonder how much of our fear is as a result of seeing things in a distorted or just plain wrong way.


This has been a day of peace, but of great mental activity. To church this morning. Unusually, the vicar did not arrive until halfway through the 11 AM service because his previous 10 o’clock service overran so we sang some hymns and gave testimony until he floated in with some apologies. After the service, I told him not to worry because this nation of England has a great tradition of making the best of things and if the vicar doesn’t turn up, well, we will sing an extra hymn and get someone to give some good news.

After the service, I had a chat with an elderly gentleman whose son had had the delightful job of accompanying high-value horses around the world. The son lived in Sweden which the father founded to delightful and friendly place. He used to go there for two weeks a year until he became too infirm. He told me that the son now works for a Japanese firm who took over the Swedish company and how well they look after him.

The topic of Hiroshima took us onto the possibility of World War Three. I said that atomic warfare was redundant because who wants to make cities uninhabitable when there are other far more subtle ways of destroying the human being such as chemical warfare on which I read that the US government authorised $100 billion for research on same, weather control to wipe out countries through drought or rain,  particularly country areas. Before you scoff, 173 patents have been registered in America for the control of weather. I could see that my words were having no impact at all because the older man responded by telling me about a new type of atomic weapon that was smaller than a briefcase.


I listen to a good dose of religious broadcasting on Sundays. Before telling you about that, when I listen to a sermon the majority of it merely gets registered but when the vicar talked about Jesus Christ as a renegade and as a rebel my ears pricked up. Jesus cannot have been very popular with the Roman authorities who were not known for their gentleness, so not only to there are to preach love but to claim to be the son of God must have taken huge courage, or was it vision.

The preacher on Trans-World International,  a 24-hour religious broadcasting station, which I get on Freeview, commented about the use of swear words and ugly phrases and reminding us we have been given freedom and responsibility to love and care for each other. He said how the misuse of the spoken word can be  damaging both to ourselves and to the recipient. I admit I am too quick to criticise people sometimes particularly in their absence and must henceforth contain myself. I have criticized too easily in the past; when I say bad words I know that they are not right but I suppose the thrill of shocking people gets in the way – we’re back to the ego again. As it says in the book of Proverbs, be quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to anger.  Wise words indeed, but I would expect nothing less from the Bible.

I sometimes need to be reminded of lessons on a daily basis for them to have any chance of sinking in.