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Royal Rife 1888-1971

Well now, that’s an arresting title if ever there was one. I have rediscovered the works of the American inventor Royal Raymond Rife who discovered that you could dissipate cancer and other diseases by applying a rate or frequency to the affected part. Anyone who comes against the pharmaceutical industry is in trouble. The medical profession, on hearing of this chap, sent him 12 terminally ill cancer patients. He connected them up to the machine and gave the treatment. After re-examination all the patients were found by the medical profession to be in remission. Trouble for the inventor. Mysterious people turned up and set fire to his office. He reconstructed his office and employed an assistant who undoubtedly was funded by the said pharmaceutical industry for the assistant sabotaged his work.

The good news is that his papers were not lost; a group of people have taken up his work, originally started in the 1920s, and have created a more advanced machine using solid-state electronics. Since the machine is made in China the costs are reasonable and I’m seriously thinking of investing in one. They can be used to handle a wide variety of diseases and conditions, anything from toothache to flu.  I can not advertise this even if it is successful and I will just use it for myself and close friends. I am now looking at 18 videos of about 90 min each and transcribing the words. I love ‘way out’ things and if I can prevent myself being dependent upon pharmaceutical medications which have a whole bunch of side-effects that the manufacturers don’t care too much about, then I’m in.

The machine works on the basis of quantum entanglement. In other words if you get a sample of a person say a nail clipping and take it away, it is still attached energetically to the owner. It doesn’t cease to be his or hers. If you treat the person via the nail clipping or the witness as it is called in radionics, then it is as if a person were in the room. It is called remote healing. I do this anyway but I think the machine could be of some assistance.

I have met a chap by phone who lives near Swindon and who has been using this for the best part of the year and he has offered to be my guide and helper which is great. I told him of my interest in Kirlian photography which is a method of photographing the energy from the human body and doing diagnosis therefrom. I introduced this in the early 80s in the UK and wrote a couple of books.


Today I watched the very impressive opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. They utilised over 1000 drones to fly in the sky in the shape of two doves during a three-hour display. I was disgusted by the fact that the International Olympic Committee banned athletes attending without actually giving any reason either on the eve of the competition i.e. today or the previous day. This is as close to cruelty as I can think of because they spend all the money on coming and preparing themselves all to no avail. These committee people are totally heartless and should not be in the position that they occupy.


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