Day: 17 February 2018

Summer in the midst of winter Part 2

A combination of clear blue sky - obviously with the sun shining - plus very little wind makes for a certain balminess and this is February during which it is not "supposed" to be nice at the seaside. Come on now, let's all have a singalong. I do like to be beside the seaside etc. On the bus I noticed a very challenging advertisement addressed to those who are prejudiced towards those with...

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Summer in the midst of winter Part 1

After a hearty breakfast, we decided to take a bus along the coast and just take things as they come. Our first stop was Budley Salterton which as other posts indicate is a posh place with a small, literate population which hosts a number of festivals each year. This will be a mostly pictorial essay. If anyone is thinking of retiring to the south coast and has a few bob to spare for a house or...

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