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I was visited by a good Samaritan colleague, Mike, who wanted to show me a new machine based on the work of Royal Rife which works on similar principles to radionics. Every disease has a numerical rate or frequency and through tuning into that frequency and applying equal and opposite waveforms, the disease can be nullified. There are many diseases that can be cured or ameliorated by remedies available in nature through plants and herbs as so-called primitive people would tell us if we cared to ask them. In general, such simple remedies as colloidal silver, bicarbonate of soda, vitamin C can restore the balance within the body to enable the inbuilt self-healing properties to become activated.

The body is in itself a self repairing entity but such mechanical methods as mentioned above can amplify this natural ability. The most important factor apart from knowledge, tools, techniques is the will to live and this applies throughout medicine. In recent decades, healing and health has been invaded by the pharmaceutical industry who see the making of money as a goal irrespective of any effects, or side-effects as they call them, that their medications may have. It is interesting that taking a pill for something, generates another condition for example fast heart rate which generates the need for another pill and so on. The best medicine has no side effects.

Michael bought his equipment and showed me how to use it. He said that people learn in different ways. Some people read a manual, get the idea immediately and spring into action. Other people, such as myself, need to be shown. They need to feel and touch. There is no question that such healing including remote healing  healing works. In order to understand the next part it is necessary to completely reframe your understanding of who ‘we’ are. The real us is co-existential with the universe and our body is just a relatively solid bit in the middle but even the body is 99.99% space. The essence of the needed  re-frame is that we are in touch with everybody anywhere all the time by default. Seeing the world from the five senses is an illusion albeit a persistent one as Albert Einstein would say.

On the Rife machine there is a remote treatment facility. You need to place a sample or witness of someone’s DNA for example a nail clipping and treating the clipping is the same as treating you because the clipping is part of you and your DNA. In other words if the patient is in Australia and the treatment is applied it would have exactly the same effect as if the person were standing next door to the machine which is transmitting the wavelength relevant to the condition that has been detected. I do understand that this will sound mumbo-jumbo to most people but I can’t help that I’m afraid.

How often have you thought of someone, and the very next moment they telephone. You have not heard from them for years and they just so-called ‘happen’ to call. This is part of the same mechanism. It is built into us all but alas for the most part we choose to ignore it.

There are many alternatives to the treatment of cancer. Anyone who tries to advertise such cures will be run out of town by the profit driven pharmaceutical industry. The cascade of events is that first of all the claimant is ignored, then ridiculed, then they will be threatened, then they will be killed or as modern parlance goes “suicided”. Royal Rife discovered a cure for cancer and as a result his offices were burnt down once and trashed on another occasion. The same happened with Dr Burzynski who uses diet to treat cancer. His offices have been raided by the FBI and all his patient records removed. He has been forced to defend himself through expensive court cases not once but three times but he continues to practice. He does so because so many of his patients gave testimonies as to the effectiveness of his treatment. The doctor is Hungarian and made of stern stuff otherwise he would not have survived.

Mike told me that only 3% of the chemotherapy treatments are successful in that  the life of the patient is prolonged by more than five years. The treatment itself so compromises the immune system so it is less fit for purpose and a person will become vulnerable to other opportunistic diseases.

The whole of health medicine is in a mess and the more natural remedies we can find, and the more understanding we can have the way our body works, the better for us all. The BBC do not dare to mention the correlation between sugar and obesity or diabetes. I saw a program on the subject where during the space of a one hour programme, diet and sugar was mentioned only once.

Mike has a very professional attitude saying that it is important to spread the message to as many people as possible without seeking financial gain. This is a policy that I myself adopt with giving knowledge. I do not regard knowledge as a possession but something to be cherished and nurtured and shared.

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