Month: March 2018

Ingmar Bergman – flowers – Red vs Blue pill

When watching any film by the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman I am transported into another world. It is a place where real people exist and challenges us to face them and thus face ourselves. As he informed us in the documentary I've just been watching about the film "persona", this movie saved his life. Until that time he had lost his inspiration, and felt that he could never make another film...

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Is there any positive news?

This is the time where Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus from the dead. I don't know about you but when I bang my thumb with a nail I complain like mad and wait for what seems like an eternity while pain diminishes. In the example of 2000 years ago we have three people being nailed to a post with a cross- member through their wrists and through their feet. We are told that Jesus remained...

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Making a complaint –

My Volvo chose the perfect time to break down just before the long holiday weekend. The obliging RAC man turned up and quickly (50 seconds) discovered that the alternator had packed up. He accompanied me to my local garage where I left the car for action next week. Interesting synchronicity here. I returned to my home after having been told it would be a three hour wait but 45 minutes later I...

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Something out of nothing – is it possible?

This is what I think will be a brief diary entry (famous last words). I have just finished an hour-long teleconference meeting with 11 other people. I think there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you can get some impression and have some communication with people that live at the other end of the world. Dragging your body here and there to have a conversation with...

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Photo or Photoshop clone?

  To RUH in Bath for my monthly macular checkup. Doctors do not have the time to tell you everything; I did not know until today that there is no cure for dry macular but that it comes on unspectacularly over a period of time. Wet macular, which is what I have, comes on suddenly but is treatable. This is about my 16th monthly visit. You go along, your eye is photographed, if it is getting...

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Up to you vs down to you vs over to you

I note from my stats that there are some readers for whom English is probably their first language. This blog is written for everybody but particularly for those who are bemused or confused about the peculiarities of English. I just love the English language in all its subtleties. I have quoted the three phrases above simply because they came into my head and this is before writing my diary for...

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