Mother’s Day vs. Mothering Sunday – 5G and death

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You see dear people there are two varieties. First let’s have a look at the way that one of them, Mothers Day,  developed in 19th-century America when a lady called Ann Jarvis first organised a group of mothers to help out with sanitation at camps on both sides of the Civil War during a typhoid outbreak. These were called Mothers Day Work Clubs. The campaigning of the daughter, Anna Jarvis, culminated in a proclamation in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson that the second Sunday in May be a national holiday. Other countries followed suit.

On the other hand, Mothering Sunday in the UK is the fourth Sunday of Lent and has nothing to do with the American festival of that name. This was a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants were given a day off to visit her mother and family. This was originally and traditionally a day to honour to give thanks to the Virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary. The modern recognition of this day came about through the efforts of Constance Adelaide Smith (1878–1938), who worked as a dispenser of medicine in Nottingham, and drew directly on pre-modern traditions.She had noted the celebrations in America but felt that there should be a deeper, more inclusive definition of mothers and mothering.



Today I read in the Western Daily Press that they were going to introduce 5G mobile phone technology at the Roman Baths. We are informed that the government has awarded a £5 million grant to the West of England combined authority to trial the superfast 5G network. The test will see 5G infrastructure put in place at the Roman Baths in Bath, which date back to about 70 A.D. The trial will also be carried out at two sites in Bristol – at the M Shed and in and around ‘We The Curious’ (shop) and Millennium Square. They are selling it on entertaining the tourists – producing images of virtual Roman soldiers showing you around the Roman baths and enabling the same thing on your mobile phone. It says ominously that “it won’t be used to human communication alone; it will also support communication between things humans have invented, forming an Internet of things. This will have a huge impact on people’s lives.
That’s to be sure but not in the way they write. I wrote a letter which I have no doubt will be ignored but I have a duty of care to my fellow citizens to write it; the letter is below. The body is not built to deal with high frequency pulses.

Dear Sirs,
The benefits that are claimed for this proposal are spurious and dishonest.
Hear it from me or someone else. Your choice.
* 5G is a high power high frequency radiation system different from 1G 2G 3G and 4G.
* The same technology can be used to find people via their cellphones and other methods.
* The Electro Magnetic Frequencies correspond with those of the human brain, any heavy metals within our body magnify the effect of beamed EMF.
* Humans are all connected with a special Wi-Fi in our brain. The scientists call it inter-brain
* A Russian 1992 study shows that the 53-78GHz range, the same as the proposed 5G radiations can impact the stability of the heart rate.
* An English study showed that at 650 Ghz wavelength, 90% of the energy is absorbed by the epidermis of our skin.
* The present government safety limits on such systems including mobile phones are thousands of times too lenient and this applies throughout the world.
* It is possible to entrain the brains of some of the population and modify brain function by 5G.
* These are modifications or calculated abuse of ideas developed by Nikola Tesla.
These are some of the 1,340,000 returns on YouTube about the deleterious effects of 5G
introducing Wi Fi in New York $100m investment in what?
38m 24sec
3min 47sec
13min 55 sec
2h 11min 37 sec
41min27 sec
45mins 23 sec
21min55 secs truth about mobile phone radiations
1hr 1min 29 secs
11 mins 52 seconds carcinogenic effects of 5G.  Authoritative.
1 hr 06 mins 36 secs
Brian Snellgrove
01761 415473

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