I don’t know where the time goes

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We both find ourselves saying this, Francoise and myself. Each day I try to analyse where the time has gone. There should be no excuse, because neither of us work though we do have voluntary commitments. I know people who divide their time up into hours but the trouble is that I cannot organise my attention span – or have not been able to up to now. Either I feel like a cup of coffee, or there’s something very interesting on the radio, post comes, or I get an unexpected e-mail which needs attention, the phone – you name it.

Okay for most people there are important things that have to be done like taking the children to school. There are necessary things to be done such as preparing meals even if you are on your own. If you are at home you need to make yourself available for other people. There are urgent tasks that you don’t particularly want to do.  Shopping. Garden fiddles. There are important tasks that can wait. There are tasks that need to be done in order that other things can happen in other words strategically important tasks. There are activities that we do just for the fun of it.

When the necessaries are out of the way I do find that I’m at my best in the mornings. I actually read half a book this morning admittedly a short book but I find my concentration span does decrease after lunch especially when I’m not averse to having a snooze. Now, as I write, it is 9:45 PM and I’m as bright as a button again . I just had a long conference talk with people who have joined UBUNTU, an idealistic movement seeking to restore a sense of community and Fellowship and humanity on the planet. It’s lovely to meet real human beings who support each other. It really cheers me up. My colleagues have a cosmopolitan nature which I do miss being around here in Midsomer Norton. Bless it’s cotton socks it is rather parochial though with a lovely heart.

And yet, when all said and done we do need to allow time for spontaneity. I am after all retired but not fully so. The gardening  season has not started. I shall be out and about, visualising and planning, trying to do the work in the most elegant fashion, and enjoying myself enormously.

So my dear people this is one of the shortest diaries in recent months. Sometimes Samuel Pepys’s diaries were about four lines and other times a whole page. As I finish this writing, the wind is gusting and we’re due for a night of lashing rain. How nice to be as snug as a bug in a rug.


A serious bit of dystopian news. YouTube is going to start correcting ‘controversial’ videos with ‘approved’ facts. They will select anything they considered to be controversial or conspiratorial. Mike Adams, the author says that the Communist China roadmap for total thought control is being rolled out by the day at Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Our freedom to think is being exterminated. So, if we dare to mention such topics as mercury in vaccines, chem trails, or the globalist depopulation agenda it must be corrected. Wikipedia gets more useless by the day as it is so compromised. I read once that a musician wanted to correct his own entry but was told he was not qualified to do so.  Samsung smart TVs spying on you even when turned off? Common knowledge but we mustn’t actually tell the public. See Wikileaks for the real truth.

And so to bed.

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