Something out of nothing – is it possible?

This is what I think will be a brief diary entry (famous last words). I have just finished an hour-long teleconference meeting with 11 other people. I think there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you can get some impression and have some communication with people that live at the other end of the world. Dragging your body here and there to have a conversation with someone is time, energy and money draining.

The problem is that we miss out on the sensory information of the five senses. We can see, we can hear, but we cannot feel, we cannot touch and the whole experience is rather two-dimensional. Is it possible to get to know 10 other people for the purposes of establishing working relationship. I think the much more efficient way of doing this is to have a personal and spontaneous face-to-face meeting where if someone says something that particularly interests you, you can take them off into a corner and have a chat with them without someone else listening.

The session lasted an hour. Most of the time was spent by the focaliser or the organiser giving news and  saying necessary things. It is very difficult to have a conversation about what the main speaker has said even though you agree with it because as soon as you start to speak, someone else. Everyone speaking tends to degenerate into a noise machine and it is difficult to moderate. My conclusion is that remote group conferencing works for up to four people and no more. We see people having conference calls in hospitals but that is where there is a very specific term of reference for example we are fault and we cannot take any more patients or we are going to cancel all non-essential operations. The method is pretty hopeless for open-ended discussion and freethinking.

Nevertheless, something is better than nothing and our weekly meetings always give people some incentive, and some feel that there are other people around on the same wavelength so I would not discourage such meetings but try to limit their size, and not to have too much expectation of them.

My point about something out of nothing. You cannot have nothing. You have an idea which is present on another level, but which doesn’t have the discipline and form, but you know that it can be manifested on the physical practical level if it is discussed. Otherwise there would be no point in having the discussion with other people in the first place. I love the idea that you can start a conversation not knowing where it will end.


Yesterday I did a telephone reading on a lady who had many problems in her life including ill-health, self-doubt, inability to make decisions and inability to sleep.  This morning I received a thank you letter of which I will quote in part ”

Thank you for our talk yesterday and for your email. I do understand that on the whole things can’t happen overnight but I have to tell you I slept nine hours last night and feel a lot more grounded and human today!
What was particularly useful to me was that you showed me how to help my mother without ripping out my heart for her. And your unjudging support for my healing process is hugely welcome and valuable. I feel I have a companion in dragonland who can see the way more clearly than I can at present.

I myself found this encouraging for a number of reasons. When I read her initial letters which was very long and convoluted, I had my serious doubts whether I could help at all but I decided to attend conversation by telephone anyway and see what happened.
As it happened I found myself inspired and was able to say the right things to her including the relationship between her and her deceased mother and what to do about it. When I do such psychic readings I am in an altered state of consciousness and I get all sorts of pictures and impressions which I pass on to the person that I’m talking to.

According to the normal rules of counselling I’m pretty outrageous in my methods but on each occasion I grit my teeth and describe what I see or feel and each time the client confirms what I’ve said makes sense.

A good and full day with plenty of writing and updating my website which I don’t mind telling you is