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Once I wake up, even if it’s five o’clock in the morning, I’m wide awake and my brain is working. I have a radio by the bed with some headphones which I plug in and listen to what’s going on. However, I draw a line at the shipping forecast which if you’re not in the business is probably one of the most boring programmes imaginable consisting of cryptic comments that no one can readily understand and it goes on forever.

you are being stared at

I was listening to Farming Today which comes along on radio 4 BBC at about 5:45 AM. I heard that there is a goat farm near York here in the UK where a very fine breed of goat produces 4 L of milk per day. This is very good because they weigh a 10th of the weight of cows and of course the quality of goat milk is very rich. Sometimes I really don’t know what to do with this huge ragbag of information I have. They say of Geminis that we like to know a little bit about many topics and I can say that is true of me, certainly enough to be able to start a conversation with somebody. I can’t quite imagine in this context the fecundity of goats will come in useful. One more fascinating fact, they are milked three times a day. One at 3 AM, the second time at 11 AM, at the third time at 5 PM. Maybe there’s something wrong with me but I just like facts, even useless facts, that you  never know when they might come in useful

I am just recovering from last nights rash offer to my new Facebook site. as you will realise from yesterday’s post I have a love hate relationship with this platform but realise that there is use in everything, you just have  to think before you use. Okay we are spied on so what’s new? The lovely people in Cheltenham England intercept all our calls, e-mails, and anything else they can lay their hands on looking for certain keywords as if potential bombers will put obvious words in. What a huge waste of time. The ‘rash offer’, by the way, was to give free miniature psychic readings to people. [ I interrupted myself here, the word means nimble, quick, vigourous not necessarily foolish though it has come to be used in this fashion].

I have the ability to tune in to people and get a very good sense of them irrespective of their position on the planet. I’ve had this talent for years and felt like a good blast of just giving something as a gift for the sake of it. I see from this morning’s stats on Facebook that 130 people responded to my request for reading; I did about 40 and finished about 1 AM my time. I like getting messages saying that I was “spot on” or “nailed it”. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be told what you already know so very you don’t think you are going mad. I think if I could never share with anyone madness would soon follow. I’m not necessarily saying speaking but better say communicating is what I’m after.

Facebook had a nasty surprise for me when I woke up this morning. I started doing a couple of extra readings and I was blocked from sending any messages. I looked up in Google and found that this blocking could not be reversed for any reason. they referred to it as my behaviour, thank you very much which could have been mailing a lot of people who did not want to be mailed,  spamming them, when all I was doing the writing a lot of letters. They told me that the blocking may last four hours or a day or a week and there is nothing I can do about it and no appeal. Facebook has about 2 billion people on it; the alternatives are minnows without the scope for meeting people on one’s own wavelength. I shall try again tomorrow to see whether I’ve been unblocked. Not a nice feeling.


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