Behold the ‘Man Engine’

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I would not expect most people to sit through 36 min 33 seconds of this but I just wanted to give you a sense of the atmosphere of a new brand that will be travelling round the country just in case you see it advertised.  It stops suddenly because my battery gave up its Power.

Story starts here: Today I gave a special surprise to Francoise. I heard on the news this morning about this Men Machine as large as two double-decker buses so the saying goes. It is a huge robotlike figure touring the country to celebrate the contribution of miners, starting amazingly at Radstock (next to where I live in Midsomer Norton) and then sets out to tour the whole country. They offer an afternoon show and an evening show. I would have thought that the evening show would be more spectacular and ominous because the monster would look more monstrous in the dark.

It was held in the annex or Bath University . The commentary story started with early Cornish tin mining which has been going on for centuries. After the show we visited a joke bus called “Cornish Independence” where you were invited to apply for a passport and in return to sample some of the local beers and ciders which were very nice. The crowd was jolly enough with children romping around. I get the feeling that some of them were a little bit confused especially with the explanations and the loud music but hey they saw a good show.

This morning we had our first paid gardening day of the year. It’s a very straightforward job for very sweet old lady who has been taken advantage of in the past by gardeners. I made a particular point of giving her a firm price and telling her exactly what we would do for the money. With housebound people, I make a practice of making a movie on my galaxy pad and showing them what I have done. Older people can be quite trusting and I don’t want to let them down at all. Some people are very concerned that pruning will kill the plant. At this time of year this is particularly not true. The sap has just started to rise and you can trim something down to the ground and it looks dead and then in the next few weeks lo and behold you see the green buds.  Remember, nature has been around for far longer than us and it can survive. Oh, I nearly forgot. I have occasionally had blind or nearly blind people and in this case you need to get a neighbour as a witness that the work is being done. This is a safeguarding thing as well as anything else.

I am digging down into Facebook now and giving it a chance. My plan is to combine the principles of contributionism (Ubuntu) where you exchange skills with a donation system where I can get some income from those able to afford it. I don’t want to make it a commercial site. There are many good-quality people out there in Facebook land and I look forward to having some dialogue with them. Facebook had 2.2 billion members at the end of 2017. Due to adverse publicity it is probably dropped off a bit. There are quite a lot of other groups but they are miniscule and do not have the scope of the giant. If they could start acting in a moral way that will be really nice but I’m afraid the tendency of American companies is money first and people second.

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