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I notice that when I’m gardening for someone who really appreciates the work that we do there is no loss of energy.  It reminds me of Nikola Tesla who discovered how the whole world could be powered by natural energy. I find the same thing with ideas that I get. Today I had the idea for a website in connection with my newfound enthusiasm for doing readings people particularly free readings. Those who know me will know that the readings are other psychic ilk and are all about energies, dynamics, chakras, all the stuff that makes people find unbelievable but which in fact is incredibly useful as a guide to physical and mental health.

I got the idea about 10:15 AM today and registered the website psychic – readings.net . By about 5:30 PM the first draft has been finished. It is visible on the Internet and has an ‘attitude’ built into it that I have seldom seen before. I have now sent the website off to a number of people that I know and trust to get their views and will probably get a final product in a couple of days. A sign that something is meant to be is when it goes quickly. There are no ifs and buts. It almost writes itself. We shall see what my test group think.


I did a psychic reading today and a most interesting one on a lady who has three girlfriends, one of whom was draining her. I just needed the first names, I found the person concerned using my pendulum ( the same pendulum that is used for finding water and used by water companies) and discovered that the friend was in an unsatisfactory relationship with another lady and they were always fighting and that the friend was calling up my client for consolation but actually she was draining her. The client confirmed all this. I’m amazed and always have been amazed how the matter how far away the person is it is still possible to make communication with them.


I had a conference meeting tonight discussing matters of social importance. Everyone was concerned about the forthcoming 5G which is being sold to the public as a way to download very quickly. To cut a very long story short, the whole country will be turned into a microwave oven with no less than 400,010 antenna all broadcasting microwaves. I forget if I’ve mentioned this before but even if I have it is a game changing disaster never mind Trump versus Putin. Have a look at this video if you dare. It is totally depressing that the local authorities refuse even to discuss this carcinogenic cancer machine that will kill thousands of children and make untold numbers of people sterile.

On that rather dystopian note,actually very dystopian note, I close the diary for today.


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