Weeding a yard

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What could be more mundane than that?  We set off to Timsbury  to do a gardening job for an old lady who curiously did not want anything planted in a very sizeable garden but just wanted the earth preserved, bare, weeds removed. Fortunately, it was the ideal day because the soil had plenty of moisture making weed removal easy, a good thing as we had to remove each one including the roots. The other benefit was actual sunshine and warmth.

Everyone had chosen that day to use their mower, strimmer, and every other sort of mechanical tool and we were beleaguered by noise most of the time but never mind we just got on with it

It was a strangely therapeutic experience. Here we have an increasingly desperate New World Order goading Russia with daily insults and accusations. I think we are avoiding a Third World War only because of the exquisite negotiating talents of the Foreign Secretary of Russia. Immersed in the garden, bringing order out of chaos, this was the ideal environment to get away from it all and we did.

This looks like turning into a daily Facebook report. A young lady asked me for a free reading little realising that I had already sent her one. I should have said on the top of it “this is the psychic reading that you asked for”.  I re sent the reading that I had sent her and told her to read it again saying that I estimated that she had only absorbed 6% of the value of the reading. Offering something free is a risky business. People do not take it seriously. I think the problem is that people expect everything free these days so I don’t want to be over available but not under available.

In the last week I seem to have accumulated 1190 friends. Let it be said that I was recommended most of them from people I knew but of course I don’t know people second or third hand. Not quite sure how beneficial this friendship businesses going to be. I tend to ignore requests for friends from young ladies especially the ones dressed in bathing suits or other scanty cladding. There seems to be an agreement among certain females to honey trap as many people as possible. As I recorded before, most of them are put off when they hear that I am from the United Kingdom. I stopped even bothering to respond now.

The recycle is closing tomorrow for two weeks so I must get up at some unearthly hour and park in the queue so that when it opens at nine o’clock I stand a chance of dumping my garden rubbish.

I have decided to write to Facebook people telling them about a page I have written about how to be a good therapist, rules and protocol mentioned in spades.  You can at it if you like. If a therapist is watching this they might like to add to it. I will modify the article as I receive more contributions.

The sun is setting, the birds are singing cheerfully in the trees as they should do and the goldfish are whizzing around the pond as if there were no tomorrow. Spring is finally here.

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