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I had an idea of advertising in the local FB social group, actually a buy and sell group in name, and found that in my small town of Midsomer Norton, there were about 300 people who had joined.

I asked if there was anyone available to talk me through making a Facebook page. About a day later, a very nice lady from a local school who had previously worked for a building society agreed to come along ostensibly to help me with getting my page laid out properly. As it happened, the conversation went another way. We discussed Facebook in general and what you can and cannot hope to achieve and I found it very interesting to hear someone else’s perspective of its values and drawbacks. As it happened I was provoked to give her and her children a psychic reading; I’m celebrating the publication of a new site at the moment devoted to such things.  She was or appeared to be quite impressed with the accuracy of my reading and said that she wanted to bring along her nan i.e. grandmother for a reading. The lesson I’m learning is that you have to give away something in order to get a paying client. I must say I’m very happy to give stuff away because many people don’t seem to have much money if any and cannot afford to have any reading so I might as well give one anyway and the energy will probably come back in another fashion.

Before I was blocked on the empath group, I think they banned me altogether which is a pity, I was building up quite a lot of clientelle most of whom I was glad to give a reading from nothing but I know if it’s any good at all they will tell someone else. I think building up a reputation on Facebook takes time as with everything, but can be done slightly quicker than through the traditional methods such as newspaper advertising. I think even with the right magazine, people are not in the mood to read print and more accustomed to their devices.

A question for me is, how to maximise the speed of learning. It’s all very well going to Youtube and finding instruction videos but I find many of them relate to features that are no longer on the  homepage of Facebook. This is because the architecture has changed and for example a new page button is no longer to be found on the left-hand side. I know the powers that be update the architecture almost on an annual basis so looking at a video that is 3 to 4 years old is just going to lead to frustration. I have put an ad in Peopleperhour.com to see if anyone is willing to come out and sit with me to walk me through. I have found that the vast majority of written instructions have some sort of redundancy in them reasons mentioned above so I switch off pretty quick. I’d rather pay someone to come along and show me and be done with it.

Another very blowy and rainy day, where has the summer gone?


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