Brexit hangs over us

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I consider the further ramifications of the Windrush refugees from the Caribbean who have settled in this country for 40 years and now find they cannot return, or they cannot work in the hospitals where they worked or even be treated by the NHS.

I wonder what mess the Home Office will make when they suddenly have to process the 3 million people from the European Community who wish to stay in the UK. I do not see how they can investigate each person in any depth, accounting etc and my guess at the moment as they will allow everyone to stay who can prove they have lived here for longer than five years but with the absolutism of Amber Rudd following on Theresa May who knows.

Today, a gardening job for a lady from Denmark who has moved here through choice and has bought a house. She definitely doesn’t want to go back to Denmark and as for my Francoise she literally has nowhere to go. The three of us toiled away in the garden for about three hours and then had to stop due to rain. I am scarifying a fairly small lawn on the property about 4 m x 6 m and you would not believe the amount of moss and muck that comes up. It’s like a carpet. I reckon that l when I have finished it will fill three of those large bags that building supplies such as sand arrive in. If I remember, I will photograph a pile when I finish next Monday.

This evening, amazing storms with high winds, lashing rain, thunder and lightning and at the same time in the distance you can see a lovely red sky with the setting sun. Nature has certainly provided us with some variation.


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