Month: May 2018

Dark times ahead

I find the implications of 5G technology most depressing, and I don't use that word lightly. You can see that I have devoted a website to it. The powers that be that have run this world since Egyptian times, albeit through many reinventions and reincarnations have decided that we are little better than lab rats and treat us as such. I don't know whether you realise this but microwave energy, 5G,...

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Suicide by our own hand but a note of hope

There are many ways of committing suicide apart from depriving yourself of physical life. We can commit professional suicide by doing something that is so unacceptable that we are shunned by people. We can commit relational suicide by saying something outrageous to someone or blaming them for what they have not done. If we build an artificial version of ourselves and try to animate that, we have...

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Backwards Diary of visit to Norway

As we reached our front door here in Somerset we realised how much rain had fallen judging from the number of puddles in the road. The trip back from Honnefos which is a small town about 80 km away from Oslo was interesting. It is not everyday that we come across 3 km long road tunnels. I think the longest one is 25 km long one. Only a rich country like Norway could cope. I like the minutiae of...

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Temporarily Out of it

I'm going to take a week's rest. I am going to tune in to the stars, the sun, the moon ( perhaps not), mother nature And anything not to do with computers,  microwaves, gardening as such  though I love to do it, household bills ( I pay them by direct debit), you tube videos, correspondence that can wait, having to get up in the morning at a certain time, anything else you can think of. I might...

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An upside down world

The nice thing about such a diary in what still appears to be a free world at least on the surface is that I can publish anything I like. People either read it or they don't. They either take a position or they do not. The crushing mind-set of the creatures who run Israel who think that everyone else but they is at fault beggars belief unless you understand their extremist mindset. The most...

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What is the opposite of poverty?

I visited Bath for various reasons and was most impressed by this street artist who reminded me of the artists who work low tide on the River Thames and make all sorts of amazingly large creatures. I was so happy to see this guy and I told him I wanted to make a photograph would give him some money for so doing. As my regular readers know, I listen to Trans World International 24 hour radio...

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May 2018