Dark times ahead


I find the implications of 5G technology most depressing, and I don’t use that word lightly. You can see that I have devoted a website to it. The powers that be that have run this world since Egyptian times, albeit through many reinventions and reincarnations have decided that we are little better than lab rats and treat us as such. I don’t know whether you realise this but microwave energy, 5G, is the same energy that constitutes war weapons. I remember that an experiment had been done in one of the Middle Eastern countries using microwaves which were directed against a bus full of people. Full power was turned on and if people were killed being reduced to half their original size, rather the same as happens when you put something in the microwave oven.  The people who ran this if I can call them people described the experiment as a success.

Would it surprise you to know that the same type of people are running this planet. All they want is control. Part of the reason for 5G is eugenics that is population control. This is done by damaging the reproductive apparatus in human beings, in the case of the male, the genitalia. It is interesting that in iPads, the transmitter and receiver is at the base of the iPad which is the nearest to the said genitals. There may be a few people left who say “they wouldn’t do that would they?” Answer?  yes, if you’re a psychopath or sociopath. Would you think twice before killing a rat? This is how they see us human beings.

The installation of 5G telephony is taking place throughout the world at great speed. Please note that it is not at the wish of the public but at the wish of the corporates who want to use this technology to track us, to know what we’re doing in our homes, to know what appliances we turn on  in order to sell the information to advertisers, but above all to induce in us at will a given state of mind. The transmitters need to be placed in grid fashion every 600 feet or so and the technology is capable of tuning into our minds and inducing certain moods, educing states of mind being anger or apathy. This will affect everyone and there is no way to hide. I don’t think the scientists who create this realise what they’re doing, rather like the people who invented and developed the atomic bomb realise what they were doing. It was only after the event that the truth dawned.

If that is not enough reason to be depressed or is concerned then I don’t know what is. My feeling is that the people near where I live, Bath will not tolerate the cutting down of their wonderful plane trees which are as much a part of Bath as the Georgian buildings as I think I’ve said before in these diaries.

With so many trillions of pounds being invested it is difficult to know how we can prevail against this; maybe the world is going helter-skelter towards self-destruction and planet is doomed. Those of you who have read history will know that living beings have destroyed many civilisations of which they had been a part but mother nature, being in control, has provided the continuity for man to rise, fall, and rise again. I think we need to take a very long-term view here, and this is considerably helped by any belief we can summon in reincarnation or the continuity of the soul. I have read 40+books in reincarnation now that I’m totally convinced so if I ascend from this mortal coil tomorrow I would find myself excited and not afeared. I would hope that people who are closer to me would also pass at the same time because I would not like to be without my partner or she without me.


Tomorrow, we are going to the famous Bath and West show and so tomorrow evening this diary will contain the most amazing selection of photographs. If you look back to my diary at the same time last year when we also went you will witness my impressions, but I’m sure the images I will be impressed with this time will be different.

I have just spoken to a friend who has been battered and bruised recently by the loss of a business. She has told me about another job that could be ideal for her. It is very important at an interview and beforehand not to exhibit old baggage because everyone is entitled to a new start and she may have so-called ‘failed’ on this that or the other basis but I would regard these as a learning experience which if it has left the psyche intact does not have to be a handicap.

Suicide by our own hand but a note of hope

and here they are

There are many ways of committing suicide apart from depriving yourself of physical life. We can commit professional suicide by doing something that is so unacceptable that we are shunned by people. We can commit relational suicide by saying something outrageous to someone or blaming them for what they have not done. If we build an artificial version of ourselves and try to animate that, we have committed suicide with regard to our real selves.

We have an extraordinary twist in the organisation that I have been trying to assist. I can describe this in many ways. I can talk about the power of love, and I can talk about the love of power. These two qualities are inconsistent. I wonder why so many people in the public eye seem to abandon common sense and function in what I would describe as an egotistical or self-destructive way, if not to themselves then to the community or country of which they are part.

I am aware that in some cases politicians are either bribed or blackmailed into taking on causes that in their better moments they would disagree with or more commonly to keep quiet about something that would disturb the profits of the corporate mind if the subject were to be known. I suppose the most common example would be pedophilia which as many people know is rife among certain classes let us say no more.

In the case I’m thinking about, a particular person had an idea for a better society and that we should all contribute for no charge or cost in order that we could enjoy the benefits of having the same things done for us both individually and collectively. The problem is that in this world where there are so many conflicting vectors, teamwork is essential. It is not possible to achieve anything on your own especially when you are working for your own glory or the advance of your own ego. There is a saying, “what goes around comes around” and we are seeing at the moment a particular person going into meltdown because he has failed to observe the most basic rules of human pack behaviour.

Before you want someone to cooperate with you,especially if our volunteers, you take them into your confidence, say what you would like to achieve and ask them if they want any help or have any comments. Gambling on your charisma doing the job for you is a big ask and requires either supreme confidence or supreme self-delusion.

This particular person wants to come on a tour of the United Kingdom and he somehow requires people to act at very short notice, arrange venues in three or four main towns in the UK, all in the space of a couple of months. There is nothing admirable about self-delusion. There is nothing admirable about someone who has their feet so far off the ground and they don’t realise that if you want to get peoples co-operation you need to value them and not taken for granted. This has failed lamentably.

There is something exponential about making mistakes. If you do not correct them, they become worse and worse and more and more disastrous. The “gilded and they will come” is a fearful and pathetic delusion. God may be on your side but are the people you need to help you on your side. That is the question. People get trapped by what I call the demiurge, which is the power and glory of ruling the world or even a few individuals. That is the opposite of the teachings of Christ and was I believe caused by angels that fell from heaven due to pride.


I did a very interesting reading for a lady who wrote to me this morning responding to my offer on my website for a brief free reading. For those curious about what readings can provide , my sort of readings anyway, I give the illustration below.

I have interleaved my comments with explanations as to why I save what I do, and more important, why I do not say certain things

On 30 May 2018, at 12:31, bsnellgrove wrote:

Client: I would appreciate the short reading please at the moment with focus on me moving house. Thank you.

Brian : such an important step such as moving house is normally attended by many factors some of which are psychological, some which are practical, and some which are indicative of longer term plan such as improving the quality of your life. This is a roundabout way of saying that simple yes or no may not tackle the underlying problems but having said that I will attempt to get some indication of the feel of moving and give you some clues if I get them.

[comment]  we first have to paint a picture and show how we are viewing the particular situation which in this case is not the house itself it’s what might be going on at the same time. I’m also saying that I don’t guarantee to get clues but I will give them if I get them. We are not performing animals. this is my worry about public psychic demonstrations that the medium sometimes has to force the result to entertain the public. Under private circumstances they would have to feel cooperation from the client].

We have to make sure we are moving towards something rather than away from something else. In other words if you are moving to escape from something maybe it is worth trying to analyse and face the problem or situation because any such problem or situation unless faced were manifest in another way. If your current location is unsuitable or becoming unsuitable, can you think to yourself why this is the case.

[ comment – in many cases indecision lies deeply in psychology and if people are indecisive as adults they were properly indecisive as children properly due to lack of confidence or trust ]

Fine tuning to all the factors encouraging you to move, and those which make a move unsuitable for whatever reason I get the following ratio; moving +2, not moving +1, unresolved matters +8. In other words the decision to move house is but a symptom of a lot of matters that need to be discussed and resolved as far as you can. It might be the attitude to money, it might be that you have to put your foot down and assert yourself with people who have tried to take advantage of you, or it may be that you have not decided your priorities with regard to lifestyle.

[ comment – in this paragraph I have done a psychic reading but I have explained it because numbers don’t mean an awful lot of its people I have explained why the reading I got might be correct but I’m leaving it open to the client to make their own decisions not telling them what to think]

This applies irrespective of whether you are single, in a relationship, or have children or no. Ultimately, our destiny lies in our own hands and we need to have a positive visualisation what we need to achieve not just in the short term but in the medium to long-term. I think you need to first and foremost is to stand-up with courage for what you believe. If you find yourself being undermined from within them that is an opportunity to seek professional advice in one way or another and figure out why you are in the situation that you are in.

[ comment: it is very important to remember that the health of the plant is the most important thing and if you are not able to play a full part then you are duty-bound to recommend people to look elsewhere or please consider the idea]

That sort of intervention is best done in person and not as we are doing by e-mail. A happy heart is the passport to a good future, one free from insecurity and fear and alas many of us have been indoctrinated in the gospel of fear, doing what we are told, and it is very difficult to get out of this slippery pit. I think you are aware of the need for more courage but you need to make sure that your actions are not predicated on being rejected at a personal level. I grant this is most difficult.

[ comment – see what I have done, I had moved from the particular to the general and given them some picture analogies which always come to me without any effort on which I trust makes some sense to the client]

It is easier if you have a confidante, someone with whom you can really talk about things without being judged and being accepted for whom you are. Again, I say, if this means getting professional help even from say the Citizens Advice Bureau then this is the way to go. They can refer you on if necessary.

[ comment: I have repeated myself because many people feel that they will be showing their inadequacy by getting help and the opposite is the case. Swallow your pride, make an appointment and go along]

Please do not feel guilty about what you could have done or what you might have done or what you should have done. You are where you are and this is an excellent time to start or fear free way of thinking.

[comment: it is important to end the reading on an upbeat note and not diagnosing people to death so to speak]

I hope that is of some small help

[comment: do not present yourself as the best thing since sliced bread but someone who might have been able to have the honour of helping another individual forward. I have learnt through long experience that people do not act straight away but if I can raise the morale and make people think that life is worth living after all then job done so far as I’m concerned]

She then writes:

Hello Brian Many thanks for the information you have emailed to me. You have ‘hit the nail on the head’ re the factors: money, better lifestyle, lack of assertiveness in allowing others to take advantage – so i wholeheartedly agree – in fact I felt quite emotional reading the latter part of your reply.

My heart says moving and I have looked at properties in North Wales , however I realised this morning I’m not being ruthless enough regarding de-cluttering – your email will certainly spur me on. I spent a few days in January with **** and ***** as I had two past lives which needed to be removed from my soul – I felt so positive when I said goodbye to them – and we are in June next week – no comment there!

– I said to a cousin the other day it would be easier if someone was with me to say -“charity shop – keep'” etc. however, it’s my journey so it’s up to me to get on with it. I suppose through my life I have always tried to help everybody who has crossed my path.

Many thanks indeed Brian, I really appreciate the time you have taken for my reading – you have helped me tremendously.  *****

Backwards Diary of visit to Norway


As we reached our front door here in Somerset we realised how much rain had fallen judging from the number of puddles in the road. The trip back from Honnefos which is a small town about 80 km away from Oslo was interesting. It is not everyday that we come across 3 km long road tunnels. I think the longest one is 25 km long one. Only a rich country like Norway could cope.

I like the minutiae of travel plans. We left our guests home at about 1030 in the morning, the plane been due to leave at just after one o’clock. They took us to the airport along mostly empty roads. Save for the very densely populated south part of Norway, most of the roads are pretty much empty most of the time. In the United Kingdom, the population per square kilometre is 195 people; in Norway it is 14.3 people. I should add that the United Kingdom is 243,000 km² whereas Norway is 324,000 km making Norway 1.33 times the size of the United Kingdom. There is space for everybody and indeed the government own most of the territory which means that it is a ramblers paradise. Pretty much everyone can go anywhere they please.

And so we drove along the immaculate almost deserted road passing the occasional car. I notice that people do stick to the speed limits. There is one reason. The fines are huge. Irrespective of whether you are a tourist or a local, the minimum fine is 4000 crowns which is about £367. Overall, Norway is a very rich country. People are paid to have children and receive an allowance of 10,000 crowns per month, about £917. There are all sorts of benefits but of course the tax rates are high, up to 45 or 50%

arriving at the airport on time or slightly before, the wife of my host wanted to go and get Starbucks coffee. This caused a minor disagreement because if you take longer than 7 min to drop off your passenger, again you attract a large fine. We entered into the cavernous new airport hall to be faced not with a row of smiling check-in agents with a row of machines with but one smiling face explaining to us how to use them. Francoise put her passport on the reader as requested but it was not recognised so we had to go to the manual check -an uneventful procedure..

I have manual check-in  honed to a fine art. Normally, the system knows you are coming and you just give your passport and it is good manners to open it at the relevant page with your details on. After having given them the chance to ask the standard question you put the hold luggage on first, one item at a time, and look at the weight so that if it is overweight by any chance, you can do something. When the check-in person has the label on the first case she moves it backwards and you but the second one on. I avoid unnecessary questions because it is pretty obvious when the check-in time is from the boarding card and it is also obvious where you go which is towards the departure area. I always give a smile and a brief joke but basically don’t talk garbage because they don’t have the time.

We then go to this sad area before the dreaded checking in of luggage. The whole idea about containers of over 100 cc of water goes back about 10 years when the police found some instructions in the hands of a group of youths who might have constructed a liquid-based bomb. No proof of viability or effectiveness, just the excuse that the powers that be needed to make life more irritating and more full of fear. So far as I know, no one has ever been caught with anything and millions of bottles of water and other receptacles of harmless liquids have been confiscated.

Maybe it is due to my age, but I’m not asked to take off my shoes or belt. I put my jacket containing my mobile phone on one of the trays, put my tablet there for all to see and put my hand luggage by it. I have to say that the system in use in Oslo and Gatwick is very good indeed. If you are told exactly where to stand, the trays pop out and this time you do not make any jokes at all about any subject. Making jokes about bombs is a very bad idea indeed. 1. Do what you were told 2. Be polite 3. Do not dawdle 4. If you’re luggage goes in the wrong line in other words if they’ve seen something that they’re not happy with, be patient, it will turn up, they will search the bag, they will ask questions, they will then let you go and take something away if necessary. It may be annoying but you do not help yourself by being annoyed. The young man had his toothpaste taken off  because it was in 200 CC container though at the time it was half full.  Bite your lip and say nothing. Being angry will not change the rules however stupid you think they are.

As travellers will know, you have to pay for every single item extra to yourself. Ryanair have got to a fine art. For example if you do not check in on the Internet prior to arrival you had to pay £50 a time to do it on the spot. are more reasonable. We have discovered that we can pack quite a lot in a 20 kg case so if you add that to 2×10 kg allowance you can take up to 40 kg for the price of one extra case.

Each and every time I take too many clothes, half of which I never wear. Because of the extreme heat that we had endured, up to 28° in the afternoon, I just wore some shorts and a T-shirt so all my carefully ironed shirts were taken to and fro without any use. My favourite items for leaving behind are charging plugs, things that I’ve hung in a cupboard and forgot about them, used underwear and the like sitting in a corner in one of the small drawers. I feel a certain sympathy for people who find them but I’m sure they used most things including ‘soiled’ sheets.

Modern airports have been designed around selling space and you have to go through acres of duty-free perfume, drinks, you name it. It is worth noting though that if you come from a country like Denmark or Sweden or Norway, the duty-free prices of alcohol are far more expensive than buying them paying duty in the United Kingdom that what will happen when we leave the European Union is another question. As I had not had breakfast, I decided to order what turned out to be the most expensive bowl of salad ever. The bowl, and another prepacked item came to 310 crowns which is about £30 in UK money. Francoise said “ does this cost what I think I see (on the till)?” book The girl behind the counter, obviously used to such incredulity, nodded.

Anyone who travels to Norway, or indeed any of the Nordic countries, needs to have a deep pocket. A beer can cost up to 8 pounds UK and they both a snack lunch in an international restaurant we went to was about £35. I don’t how you can eat that much for lunch especially when you’re at a conference and you don’t want to fall asleep.

The plane was late arriving due to the difficulty of getting a disabled passenger onto the aircraft, and then delayed again because of a suspicious package and then delayed again because someone had to be taken off the plane due to irregularities. But more of that anon.

I became aware of a very aggressive American with a beard, headscarf, generally scruffy manner and dress who kept on using bad language and saying that the airline were more useless than last time and he wanted his money back. I thought that was a very good idea because people were giving him strange looks and we would be better rid of him. This culminated in him snatching the checked in ticket and passport from the rather diminutive check-in person. She had been trained in what to do and made a phone call. Funny, I did not see him on the plane. Maybe he was sitting at the front very quietly.

Of more interest, however, was an incident where after sitting for 20 min in the plane, the captain apologised to us for the delay and saying this was because of an immigration issue. At the back of the plane sat a family consisting of, apparently, a husband and wife and four children. The immigration people came on, obviously quite used to this sort of thing, and calmly but politely told us to move out of the way while they did their business. The chap was an Indian as was his wife and the children looked similar. The man was questioned and was asked if he knew the names of the children to which she replied in the negative. Obviously there was some sort of smuggling going on because the children were very young, about five or six, and to my mind that is rather young to be travelling on your own with people you don’t know. After that, we were able to leave albeit an hour late.

We had slight turbulence on the way back, hardly surprising in view of the tempestuous nature of the weather in UK. I find the best antidote to feelings of fear is to look at the horizon, in other words something that does not change, but on this occasion there was no horizon because the whole was obscured by clouds.

On arrival, I decided to have my customary cup of coffee. My instinct for travel booking is actually quite good in fact consistently good. We were due to arrive at 2.05 pm UK time and under normal circumstances I would have allowed a couple of hours to go to Victoria and then walk to the Coach Station but something told me to book the 5:30 PM coach instead of the 4:30 PM coach. The fascinating thing about such guidance is that it includes what can be seen from above so if we had missed the 4:30 PM coach our ticket would have been useless and we would have to have paid £28 single each to get to Bath our destination town. Just to give you some idea, I had paid £31 return for two people. You get a big discount for reduced tickets but cheapest band means that you cannot change your mind will get a refund. So far this policy has worked.

On the coach I met a very nice young man who’s Indian name translated into the word ‘good’. He had been working in the Chinese restaurant scene in Huddersfield which is in Yorkshire. The some reason, he has made a career move and decided to go and see his cousin in Shepton Mallett who is also in the trade and who he hoped was going to give him a job. He had never been down to Somerset before and was a little bit anxious so I chatted with him and encouraged him and told him that we were a very nice bunch of people and at the end I shook his hand and said that I thought he would be all right. I tried to do to others what I would have liked people to do to me. Apart from anything else, as my regular readers will know, I love talking to strangers and joking with them and so on.

Although it was bank holiday weekend, going westerly along the M4 was attended by light traffic. I would not like to go the other way, eastbound, on the bank holiday evening when everyone and his dog is coming back from a long weekend away. I always sit at the front of the coach and make a point of talking to the driver because driving day after day must be a bit boring. I could not places accent but he told me he had been with the company for 15 years and had worked the Bournemouth London run for the last three and now is settled in Bristol. He was a kindly man, genuinely interested in helping people, and with a good sense of humour. Did you know that National Express do not own their own coaches? They are bought by companies, one of whom is called Edwards, and least with driver to the national company.

We arrived in Bath to find that the local bus was just about to leave so we got home in half way decent time. So, for the sad amongst you love timetables (which of course includes me)

10.30 – leave with host by car (no choice as there were no airport shuttles on Sunday mornings)
11.15 – arrive airport
14.00 – take off (delayed by one hour)
15.10 UK – land in Gatwick
16.27 – take train to Victoria (never take the bus, it takes an age)
16.50 – arrive Victoria
17.30 – depart Victoria by coach
20.27 – arrive Bath
20.46 – catch local bus to Midsomer Norton
21.35 – arrive home
21.35.01 – pour glass of wine

Total elapsed time taking into account time change 12h 05 mins

As crow flies –  770 miles

If I were a crow I would need to fly at 64 mph

In general I do not approve of the drive towards automation but the trend towards ticketless travel pleases me. At Gatwick, I just swiped my contactless debit card, and again at the other end and you get charged – simple as that.

Funnily enough, I do not find these long travel days tiring because I just switch off going to some sort of dream world. I find this dream world / semi suspended animation is not consistent with reading books or even reading my Kindle so I don’t bother. Wi-Fi was intermittent so I thought it would do me good to have a day without it.

And so to bed

Temporarily Out of it


I’m going to take a week’s rest. I am going to tune in to the stars, the sun, the moon ( perhaps not), mother nature And anything not to do with computers,  microwaves, gardening as such  though I love to do it, household bills ( I pay them by direct debit), you tube videos, correspondence that can wait, having to get up in the morning at a certain time, anything else you can think of.

I might also actually start listening to the birds, the sound of the wind, look at the clouds in the sky ( trying not to be too distracted by chemtrails) and generally to realise that nature has been with us long before mankind arrived the planet and will be with us long after we have left, probably by our own hand.

Since I started my blog writing on 1 February 2017, I have written approximately 400,000 words and goodness knows how many images have been uploaded. Samuel Pepys took 10 years to write an estimated one million words so I reckon this time next year I’ll be up to about 750,000 words. Nothing competitive you understand, I just like to break records.

I will take a guess that my next diary entry will be on bank holiday Monday, which is a National holiday that happens on 28th of May when no doubt I will be refreshed and full of the joys of spring, or will it be summer?

au revoir


An upside down world


The nice thing about such a diary in what still appears to be a free world at least on the surface is that I can publish anything I like. People either read it or they don’t. They either take a position or they do not. The crushing mind-set of the creatures who run Israel who think that everyone else but they is at fault beggars belief unless you understand their extremist mindset. The most nauseating feature of the world is the way that people grovel to them including the United States and UK. All Netanyahu has to say is ” you are being anti-Semitic” when anyone complains about any aspect of behaviour of the troops of Israel. The critics seem to shut up through fear. Disgusting.  That was my brief rant which in view of the lovely sunny day will cease at this point.


Gardening jobs come in various shapes and sizes. This property directly abuts on a fairly busy road with no pavement and with a very steep gradient. In order to service the bank you would have to close the road or put some cones up, particularly difficult because there is a bend in the road which in itself is narrow. It’s all about insurance and safety. If I were to cause an accident between two cars or even suffer a personal accident it is unlikely that I would be covered and I would therefore be liable for maybe tens of thousands of pounds of damages. Tomorrow, I will ring up the insurance agency to find out the position.

This, however, is the main part of the garden or what was a garden before it became a wilderness. We are very happy to do this sort of thing. Francoise and myself are normally accompanied by the one and only William, who is built like a house and extremely strong. He is also very clever at finding practical outcomes. I attribute this partly to the fact that he was brought up on a farm. We work very well together.


As some of you may know, I sustain my Christian faith by attending a local church and also listening to Trans-World International, the unfailing 24-hour a day radio station which gives me so much inspiration. I think in this day and age it is very difficult to be a Christian on your own and I heard about an organisation called Faith in Business which enables Christian entrepreneurs to get together and share their experiences. I was encouraged to buy a recommended book by Richard Higginson and Kina Robertshaw called “a voice to be heard”. I only ordered it yesterday afternoon, Saturday but it is just plopped onto the front door mat at 4:30 PM on a Sunday. I know Amazon punish their employees but have nextday delivery over the weekend which I must admit is what the luxury.


Dealing with people in any community situation requires tact because you’re going to bump into them again and it is unwise to say things that you will regret. However, in some cases people just do not get the message. People pay an annual rental. This is not the right to own the ground and do with it what you will, however much all however little, but to fulfil the overall brief which is to cultivate the allotment. In our case it is 75% that is required. We have one person who does nothing apart from the weeds grow and expects to be there on his own terms ad infinitum. I’m going to have to tell very politely after having given warnings that he has lost the right to be there.


What is the opposite of poverty?


I visited Bath for various reasons and was most impressed by this street artist who reminded me of the artists who work low tide on the River Thames and make all sorts of amazingly large creatures. I was so happy to see this guy and I told him I wanted to make a photograph would give him some money for so doing.

As my regular readers know, I listen to Trans World International 24 hour radio where a speaker quoted a noted scholar John Stott, also a famous preacher, who said that the opposite of poverty is not wealth but justice. This is certainly something to ponder on. Riches do not make a just society but a just society creates the conditions in which no one goes hungry.

This is an example of lateral thinking where the obvious answer, riches, is on closer examination very little to do with anything. I think we have to examine the roots and not the branches of a tree if we want to understand anything at all. The same goes for political events.

Today I spoke with the leader of the Save the Trees campaign in Sheffield, and he noted that direct action, and making an example of councillors who had hidden agendas, what was much more newsworthy than just writing PR and asking questions. Having said that, the Yorkshire Post have just won an injunction under the Freedom of information act to find out why the tree policy is so secret. Sheffield Counsel has the nerve to keep the official tree felling policy secret on the grounds that keeping the information confidential is “in the best public interest”.

I cannot believe that the budget for the removal of about 17,500 trees in Sheffield is £2.2 billion but then the so-called Private Finance Initiative appears to be the gateway for people to earn vast profits and relieve the government of billions of pounds.  I spoke to the worthy local agent of my MP Jacob Rees Mogg and she said that I should not hesitate to write to him over concerns about anything that happened in the Bath and North West Somerset area.

one of the secrets of getting an attractive website has lots of links to other sites and also to populate it with new material every day. My site has been up a little over two weeks and already I have links to 649 URLs however, Google do change their algorithms frequently and discriminate against organisations they considered to be false news but in spite of that I hope that 5G will get good prominence in the search engines as the weeks and months go on.  I’m prepared to put my all into this because otherwise we are all going to end up with cancer and fried heads.


moral insanity

the thermal effect is the least important but the fact is that mobile phones are miniature microwave ovens. The human body is not capable of resisting this.

I hope I never become so degenerate that I forget the difference between truth and lies. Every day in the mainstream media 90% of the material is compromised. It is either lies, or a cover for lies. In other words, if you are in a group of people, or a management system or a government where people have told lies and you tell the truth, you will stand out and you will be rejected. Truth speakers are not popular. They are ridiculed by being called “conspiracy theorists”. I prefer to regard it as ‘thinking

Cannabis resin has been regarded as one of nature’s great healers but now I read in Natural News

In fact, the entire Natural News Health channel just got banned for a “dangerous” video that talked about CBD oil. According to YouTube’s deranged, insane explanation, talking about CBD oil is equivalent to “teaching people how to make bombs.”

This is one of the largest video channels in the world; they are coming after all the channels that dare to talk about medical marijuana and cannabis so natural medicine is now terrorism according to Google and Youtube.

Does this make any sense to you? Is this something we just roll over and accept? they are clearly in bed with big Pharma and this follows the marriage made in hell between Monsanto and Bayer. Look it up if you can bear it.

This is the sort of material that is deemed so dangerous as to ban the channel that published it:

A 52-year-old terminal cancer patient turned to cannabis oil after all chemotherapy treatments failed.

Two years later, her stomach cancer is in complete remission.

Doctors initially told her she had just six weeks to live.

Today, the woman is living a happy, healthy, productive life.

“Cannabis oil should be legalized for medical purposes — people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them,” she says.

At the same time, Youtube allows people to watch violent scenes which would be regarded as X-rated in a civilised society. This is not just a question of “Political Correctness gone mad” because it was mad in the first place but it is a diabolical perversion of what society should be like; safeguarding the rights of everybody and respecting human dignity and freedom. If you think I’m imagining the above, please click here.

My quest to stop everyone being fried in getting cancer through exposure to high frequency microwaves took a step forward yesterday with a big realisation that people only believe what they can see. What they can see is trees being cut down by the million because the new 5G Ultra powerful grid requires clear line of sight from transmitter to transmitter and these will be placed wherever the powers that be decide they should go on purely technical grounds never mind the fact that a child’s bed  lies within a few feet albeit through a wall.

In Sheffield, there have been so many protests to the cutting down of trees that I taken a special page in my dedicated website. Those that are interested will see how much work the local people have put in. There are no less than 15 Facebook groups formed. The contracts signed with AMEY were for £1.2 billion and the kicker is that if they cannot complete the work because of popular unrest and objections Sheffield Council may – I say may – have to pay a huge cancellation fee penalty. Some say £300 million but I won’t hold my breath on this one.  I think they will just bring in more police and do their job at 4 AM.

In the face of all these horrors the human mind is such that it doesn’t want to hear it and I expect to be banging my head against a brick wall for some time to come but at the same time one of two people wake up and actually do something. It requires huge courage but I’m aware that the alternative is a future so ghastly I really do not want to contemplate it.

On that happy note, I pause for the moment


while I am in a semi-rant mode you might like to look at this video which is about Monsanto, the so-called American genocide project. I find there is so much ignorance about this subject

The therapeutic value of a fire


I’m sure somewhere deep in our DNA it is a memory of sitting round a fire on a cold night dressed only in animal skins and keeping the fire bright and lively to keep away wild animals.

I have always had this thing about fire though I recall in my life one or two fires went a little bit beyond their remit and I set fire to something that I shouldn’t have done. It is amazing how quickly fires spread and how quickly they heat up, so literally within a minute you could be standing there trying to get the flames going and in a very short time the fire is to close to approach. It is the right combination of wind and dryness of the material and the combustibility of it. Wood that has been drying for week without rain is as we would say dry as tender and whoosh, up it goes.

I should have done a ‘before and after’ picture but if you can imagine the scene above pretty much stacked full with branches at 6 PM when I started; at 8 PM there was nothing left but ashes. I go into some sort of timeless zone where the world is good and everything is fine and safe. Slow motion therapy if ever there was one.

In winter we have a very fine little stove called a Squirrel which belts out heat with the aid of a bimetallic strip fan. You can of course do the same thing with central heating but sitting in front of radiator doesn’t have the same magic, it does not stir memories, it’s not something you can see little castles and men running around and anything you can think of. The i radiator is justhot metal, how boring is that.

the grand pause and changing gear

chemtrails over my house this morning at 7:30 AM they are not vapor trails from aircraft because they last up to one hour

My more alert readers will have noticed that there have been days when I have written nothing. This has been because my attention has been drawn entirely elsewhere and I don’t know what sort of being I’m going to turn into.

Last weekend, I attended Alternative View 9 which was a summary of different ways of seeing the world to that which is presented to us on a daily nay hourly basis by The Powers That Be. I have decided to spend all my waking energy, save for recreation, on the coming dystopian 5G which basically means were all going to be monitored and fried by a form of microwaves that was first used by the military as a non-lethal weapon.

In a way, I have chosen the long straw or is it short straw because there is a guaranteed that 95% of people will not be remotely interested in it because it interferes with their impression that they know what’s going on and also will interfere with their daily life of survival of the fittest. however, the consequences for not doing something far worse than the consequences of actually doing something so I choose the latter.

I was very comforting to see that at the conference there were one or two people who were Christians but did not know how to present this in this politically correct age when anything of mention about Christianity is regarded as material that may cause people mental anguish. Political Correctness was developed in 1923 as a device to destroy Western society from within and has it been effective. I think so will stop people are afraid to speak to each other about anything for fear of giving offence, never mind speaking about something that is important such as our life, our very lives.

This morning I have rewritten the homepage of my site to try and make it even more clear. I should add that my site has been running just over two weeks from conception and it is the largest reference source anywhere about anything to do with 5G. I could make a similar site for smart meters but that would be just too much for one person.  Incidentally, if you see advertisements saying how wonderful smart meters are you will not see anything other than saving of money and you will not notice that they function as microwave transmitters sending signals every minute or so. I think it’s about 2000 transmissions per day and remember that the body is not geared to deal with this type of microwave.

With my honesty, I may or may not make people even more frightened but I really have to tell it as it is. I was listening to my favourite morning station about seven o’clock this morning, Trans World International, and the speaker was reminding us that Jesus Christ said he came ‘not to bring peace but a sword’. He did not mean that he was going to kill people but it meant that his opinions would be divisive and sure enough they were, as he found out when he was sent for crucifixion as opposed to a notorious robber who was spared. I think the Emperor Caesar in a way washed his hands of the whole thing because he could have done as he pleased but he chickened out and let the people decide and they did indeed decide.

Compared with the sacrifice of Jesus who led a blameless life by the way, my sacrifice is small; I do not know what sort of price I will have to pay. My feeling is that if I am merely an aggregator of existing information I will be lower down the hit list then if I campaigned worldwide.


Over the weekend we had two German friends staying with us.  It was a great pleasure for me to show off the best of Somerset. Wells Cathedral and Gardens are a wonderful setting for anyone with a brain and a soul and I can enjoy it twice when I take people round, one because it is never the same no matter how many times you go around the gardens and secondly you are bringing pleasure to someone who may never have experienced this type of thing before.

a lovely garden and a message to all cellphone owners


This man has a lovely spirit.

And now to the main purpose of the diary.

I’m a member of a local garden group here in Midsomer Norton and we decided to visit a place called Henley mill, near Wells. I do not think that any photograph can do justice to a transformation of a field into such an interesting garden but I will do my best.  95% of this diary is pictorial. Sally Gregson presides over the whole. She is a garden writer, horticultural adviser and a nursery owner and if what you have seen excites any interest please visit the website here.

the house from the garden, which has many areas as you will see
not a perfect lawn but very well mown. It has a combination of fine grass with no weeds, and some moss
glorious wildness
a partly diseased tree on the side of the stream that had to be cut down

a mysterious stream going who knows where
let the weeds travel where they want
bamboos by the stream
an unusual way of planting runner beans; somewhat inefficient but I’m sure it looks very nice
four quadrants of the vegetable garden
greenery in the setting sun


Bath’s canals – images that ask a question



Francoise and I decided that a day trip to Bath to get away from it all  would be a good idea. We are very fortunate to live half an hour away from a city with a Georgian stamp on it which makes all the buildings hang together like a unit and is very beautiful to behold whichever way you walk.  This diary will be largely a picture essay. Within 5 or 10 minutes of the centre you can be back in the last centuries walking along the Kennet and Avon canal.

a lovely house along the canal

looking towards Bath from the Holbourne museum

There was an exhibition by Bath artists at the City Art Gallery a bit like the Royal Academy summer show but on a much smaller scale. I would like to show you a number of images which ask questions. If you identify with the people in the picture is not comfortable experience and it reminds me of an approach exactly opposite to the mindless selfies that people take every five minutes. What does the image tell you about the human condition?.
PS You can increase the size of the images on PCs by pressing control and plus at the same time.

The above was called ‘nocturnal’.

and finally I love this advert for a one-man play. It’s about someone who was found dead on the Yorkshire Moors with a return ticket to London in his pocket and with no other identity. The play is about people’s attempt to discover his identity. Bath is a city of culture, no doubt about that.

A period of silence


For the first time in the year, my diary has been silent. I have been a delegate at a conference called AV9 which presents the world not as the mainstream media sees it but from the lips of the participants, what is actually going on. There are some topics that are so shocking even to me who have been involved in the field for many years that to put pen to paper is not easy. I have to relive the lecture or lectures that are fresh in my mind.

What sticks in my mind most of all is the wife of a very brave medical scientists crying her eyes out because her appeal against deportation to France based on nine spurious and false claims was not succeeding. Her husband had the temerity to demonstrate success in the form of treatment of cancer that did not involve drugs and this was too much for the pharmaceutical industry who basically ran him out of town, had him arrested, closed down his laboratories, and even harassed his parents who were in their 80s at four o’clock in the morning. The industry will go to any links to protect their profits including destroying the lives of anyone they choose.

We also heard of an  ex policeman whistleblower who did very well until he started probing child abuse and paedophilia in children’s homes. He was told to back off and this after three attempts was told that if he continued, they would take his children, his house, and his money.  They proceeded to do it without any court hearing..There are authorities who are empowered without any due process to simply order that your bank account be closed. This happened to the two people above. Both of them lived by courtesy of friends and family.

We like to have the idea that this country, Great Britain, is a decent place with freedom of speech but if you upset certain people you will find that it is hell on earth.  In certain quarters, you are guilty until proved innocent and if charges are made against you, it will cost you a lot of money to prove them force the matter how ridiculous the charges.

I reckon I have about a week’s worth of tidying up and trying to understand my own scribbled notes, about 50 pages of them, but one thing I am proud of is the creation of my 5Gexposed site which is the largest repository of references relating to the dangers for us – in effect putting our heads in a  microwave oven. If 5G comes on, we will see a variety of diseases and conditions that I have listed on my site, not the least of which will be more cancers because the body is not built to withstand microwaves. Interestingly, Lloyd’s of London, the insurers insurer, will not touch this possibility of consequential damage with a barge pole. I wonder why. There are so many different types of disadvantages not the least of which is biological. In addition to that, 5G will be the complete espial system for every single individual who is connected in any way to electrical apparatus and devices including any form of telephony connected to either 4G or 5G.

Anyway, the above will give you some idea of what has been preoccupying me. I reckon I’ll get back to something resembling normal service in a few days. Meanwhile, I have to consider normal things like tidying the house and garden for friends who are coming, going shopping, actually doing a little bit of paid work in the form of gardening, and generally maintaining some semblance of normal life knowing the invisible terror that is coming and that with the vast majority population completely unaware of same.

Love is the ultimate additive


I agree that this is a strange title. I have long held the philosophy that you only know what you know when you speak to someone else. I was having a perfectly delightful chat to a group of art lovers at a private view in a very posh bed-and-breakfast near Bath, The Tasborough House. This diary will be largely a pictorial essay because there were so many wonderful works of sculpture available for purchase.

a delightful old tree near the hotel

What is most delightful is when you meet unexpected people, people of the most delightful qualities that you would be happy to spend time with. I meet some people and such was the quality that it wouldn’t matter if I met them again or not because the pleasure was in the impact of a kindred spirit and as I never get tired of saying, it’s all about wavelength. People on your wavelength are enhanced and enhance you and people off your wavelength tends to be so boring that its actually destructive of your energy to try and have dialogue.

Saturday was spent preparing for departing for my weekend conference. I was so impressed by the speed at which the whole website came to be that I wrote a special page on it if you care to read it.

Too tired to do anything more tonight so I shall flop around and get my preparations for tomorrow’s departure complete.

One picture is worth a thousand words


PictureIt is very exciting to come across a new means of expression, artistic in particular, and I just love this cartoon.  It is worth reading the whole page, “The Mainstream Mediasaurus” this is from a anarchistic cartoonist from America.

You won’t get much from me philosophically at the moment because I’m preparing for the AV9 conference and presenting my new website which is anti-5G. The problem with conferences is that people’s attention is divided into many directions so I have to make, in the words of David Hockney, a “bigger splash”.

A Bigger Splash 1967 David Hockney born 1937 Purchased 1981

a prize for the most personal greeting ever


This is a cartoon done by a politically incorrect American cartoonist called Ben and when I saw it I knew that I had to have this on the homepage of my website. I had to get permission so wrote off and three hours later the permission was granted.

I’m celebrating today because everything with the new 5G – fifth generation website that I started on Sunday morning is complete for launch. We have a fully working and populated website, a flyer which I had designed in India and which has now been printed and will arrive shortly, we have a mailing client all ready to receive people who sign up.

I cannot over emphasise the importance of responding to inspiration at the moment it comes. When I’m driving with my GPS, and it’s his turn left, if I leave it for a bit I miss the turning. Inspiration knows exactly when all the doors are open and pops the idea into your mind. You have to trust like a blind person trusts a guide dog. The point is that if you get the right timing, you’re fed by the energy of the universe and you are not worn out. You go into a timeless zone and everything gets done without you being aware of the passing of time.


I am a fan of Saga Holidays. I find their prices a little bit high but today I got notification of the Deal of the week by e-mail. The e-mail was addressed as follows:
Mr M3XghZpOxQBwKPT FvXMy pys Q5F6zvDlDw3q3xeet1uk%3D
see our deal of the week

How could I resist the offer made with such a personal overture. It reinforces my suggestion that any time mail outs are done you always send a test copy and see whether the intended result comes out the other end as you planned.


Today, for for my monthly macular eye test. I had a slight deterioration of the left eye that means there is more water where there should be no space at all. I learn something about deaf people. The doctors come into the main reception area and call people’s names. The couple were sitting on the corner, the wife was looking nervously. She thought her name had been called, started to get up, and then sat down again. I went to visit to the doctor and told her that this indeed was the lady and she was slightly nervous about getting up. Not hearing clearly had definitely affected her confidence. It is necessary to speak loudly and clearly to people, looking at them sometimes and not treating the death person as someone who is idiotic. I think people need to be trained in this It is not a skill that comes automatically.