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I agree that this is a strange title. I have long held the philosophy that you only know what you know when you speak to someone else. I was having a perfectly delightful chat to a group of art lovers at a private view in a very posh bed-and-breakfast near Bath, The Tasborough House. This diary will be largely a pictorial essay because there were so many wonderful works of sculpture available for purchase.

a delightful old tree near the hotel

What is most delightful is when you meet unexpected people, people of the most delightful qualities that you would be happy to spend time with. I meet some people and such was the quality that it wouldn’t matter if I met them again or not because the pleasure was in the impact of a kindred spirit and as I never get tired of saying, it’s all about wavelength. People on your wavelength are enhanced and enhance you and people off your wavelength tends to be so boring that its actually destructive of your energy to try and have dialogue.

Saturday was spent preparing for departing for my weekend conference. I was so impressed by the speed at which the whole website came to be that I wrote a special page on it if you care to read it.

Too tired to do anything more tonight so I shall flop around and get my preparations for tomorrow’s departure complete.

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