a lovely garden and a message to all cellphone owners


This man has a lovely spirit.

And now to the main purpose of the diary.

I’m a member of a local garden group here in Midsomer Norton and we decided to visit a place called Henley mill, near Wells. I do not think that any photograph can do justice to a transformation of a field into such an interesting garden but I will do my best.  95% of this diary is pictorial. Sally Gregson presides over the whole. She is a garden writer, horticultural adviser and a nursery owner and if what you have seen excites any interest please visit the website here.

the house from the garden, which has many areas as you will see
not a perfect lawn but very well mown. It has a combination of fine grass with no weeds, and some moss
glorious wildness
a partly diseased tree on the side of the stream that had to be cut down

a mysterious stream going who knows where
let the weeds travel where they want
bamboos by the stream
an unusual way of planting runner beans; somewhat inefficient but I’m sure it looks very nice
four quadrants of the vegetable garden
greenery in the setting sun


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