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chemtrails over my house this morning at 7:30 AM they are not vapor trails from aircraft because they last up to one hour

My more alert readers will have noticed that there have been days when I have written nothing. This has been because my attention has been drawn entirely elsewhere and I don’t know what sort of being I’m going to turn into.

Last weekend, I attended Alternative View 9 which was a summary of different ways of seeing the world to that which is presented to us on a daily nay hourly basis by The Powers That Be. I have decided to spend all my waking energy, save for recreation, on the coming dystopian 5G which basically means were all going to be monitored and fried by a form of microwaves that was first used by the military as a non-lethal weapon.

In a way, I have chosen the long straw or is it short straw because there is a guaranteed that 95% of people will not be remotely interested in it because it interferes with their impression that they know what’s going on and also will interfere with their daily life of survival of the fittest. however, the consequences for not doing something far worse than the consequences of actually doing something so I choose the latter.

I was very comforting to see that at the conference there were one or two people who were Christians but did not know how to present this in this politically correct age when anything of mention about Christianity is regarded as material that may cause people mental anguish. Political Correctness was developed in 1923 as a device to destroy Western society from within and has it been effective. I think so will stop people are afraid to speak to each other about anything for fear of giving offence, never mind speaking about something that is important such as our life, our very lives.

This morning I have rewritten the homepage of my site to try and make it even more clear. I should add that my site has been running just over two weeks from conception and it is the largest reference source anywhere about anything to do with 5G. I could make a similar site for smart meters but that would be just too much for one person.  Incidentally, if you see advertisements saying how wonderful smart meters are you will not see anything other than saving of money and you will not notice that they function as microwave transmitters sending signals every minute or so. I think it’s about 2000 transmissions per day and remember that the body is not geared to deal with this type of microwave.

With my honesty, I may or may not make people even more frightened but I really have to tell it as it is. I was listening to my favourite morning station about seven o’clock this morning, Trans World International, and the speaker was reminding us that Jesus Christ said he came ‘not to bring peace but a sword’. He did not mean that he was going to kill people but it meant that his opinions would be divisive and sure enough they were, as he found out when he was sent for crucifixion as opposed to a notorious robber who was spared. I think the Emperor Caesar in a way washed his hands of the whole thing because he could have done as he pleased but he chickened out and let the people decide and they did indeed decide.

Compared with the sacrifice of Jesus who led a blameless life by the way, my sacrifice is small; I do not know what sort of price I will have to pay. My feeling is that if I am merely an aggregator of existing information I will be lower down the hit list then if I campaigned worldwide.


Over the weekend we had two German friends staying with us.  It was a great pleasure for me to show off the best of Somerset. Wells Cathedral and Gardens are a wonderful setting for anyone with a brain and a soul and I can enjoy it twice when I take people round, one because it is never the same no matter how many times you go around the gardens and secondly you are bringing pleasure to someone who may never have experienced this type of thing before.

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