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the thermal effect is the least important but the fact is that mobile phones are miniature microwave ovens. The human body is not capable of resisting this.

I hope I never become so degenerate that I forget the difference between truth and lies. Every day in the mainstream media 90% of the material is compromised. It is either lies, or a cover for lies. In other words, if you are in a group of people, or a management system or a government where people have told lies and you tell the truth, you will stand out and you will be rejected. Truth speakers are not popular. They are ridiculed by being called “conspiracy theorists”. I prefer to regard it as ‘thinking

Cannabis resin has been regarded as one of nature’s great healers but now I read in Natural News

In fact, the entire Natural News Health channel just got banned for a “dangerous” video that talked about CBD oil. According to YouTube’s deranged, insane explanation, talking about CBD oil is equivalent to “teaching people how to make bombs.”

This is one of the largest video channels in the world; they are coming after all the channels that dare to talk about medical marijuana and cannabis so natural medicine is now terrorism according to Google and Youtube.

Does this make any sense to you? Is this something we just roll over and accept? they are clearly in bed with big Pharma and this follows the marriage made in hell between Monsanto and Bayer. Look it up if you can bear it.

This is the sort of material that is deemed so dangerous as to ban the channel that published it:

A 52-year-old terminal cancer patient turned to cannabis oil after all chemotherapy treatments failed.

Two years later, her stomach cancer is in complete remission.

Doctors initially told her she had just six weeks to live.

Today, the woman is living a happy, healthy, productive life.

“Cannabis oil should be legalized for medical purposes — people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them,” she says.

At the same time, Youtube allows people to watch violent scenes which would be regarded as X-rated in a civilised society. This is not just a question of “Political Correctness gone mad” because it was mad in the first place but it is a diabolical perversion of what society should be like; safeguarding the rights of everybody and respecting human dignity and freedom. If you think I’m imagining the above, please click here.

My quest to stop everyone being fried in getting cancer through exposure to high frequency microwaves took a step forward yesterday with a big realisation that people only believe what they can see. What they can see is trees being cut down by the million because the new 5G Ultra powerful grid requires clear line of sight from transmitter to transmitter and these will be placed wherever the powers that be decide they should go on purely technical grounds never mind the fact that a child’s bed  lies within a few feet albeit through a wall.

In Sheffield, there have been so many protests to the cutting down of trees that I taken a special page in my dedicated website. Those that are interested will see how much work the local people have put in. There are no less than 15 Facebook groups formed. The contracts signed with AMEY were for £1.2 billion and the kicker is that if they cannot complete the work because of popular unrest and objections Sheffield Council may – I say may – have to pay a huge cancellation fee penalty. Some say £300 million but I won’t hold my breath on this one.  I think they will just bring in more police and do their job at 4 AM.

In the face of all these horrors the human mind is such that it doesn’t want to hear it and I expect to be banging my head against a brick wall for some time to come but at the same time one of two people wake up and actually do something. It requires huge courage but I’m aware that the alternative is a future so ghastly I really do not want to contemplate it.

On that happy note, I pause for the moment


while I am in a semi-rant mode you might like to look at this video which is about Monsanto, the so-called American genocide project. I find there is so much ignorance about this subject

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