Suicide by our own hand but a note of hope

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There are many ways of committing suicide apart from depriving yourself of physical life. We can commit professional suicide by doing something that is so unacceptable that we are shunned by people. We can commit relational suicide by saying something outrageous to someone or blaming them for what they have not done. If we build an artificial version of ourselves and try to animate that, we have committed suicide with regard to our real selves.

We have an extraordinary twist in the organisation that I have been trying to assist. I can describe this in many ways. I can talk about the power of love, and I can talk about the love of power. These two qualities are inconsistent. I wonder why so many people in the public eye seem to abandon common sense and function in what I would describe as an egotistical or self-destructive way, if not to themselves then to the community or country of which they are part.

I am aware that in some cases politicians are either bribed or blackmailed into taking on causes that in their better moments they would disagree with or more commonly to keep quiet about something that would disturb the profits of the corporate mind if the subject were to be known. I suppose the most common example would be pedophilia which as many people know is rife among certain classes let us say no more.

In the case I’m thinking about, a particular person had an idea for a better society and that we should all contribute for no charge or cost in order that we could enjoy the benefits of having the same things done for us both individually and collectively. The problem is that in this world where there are so many conflicting vectors, teamwork is essential. It is not possible to achieve anything on your own especially when you are working for your own glory or the advance of your own ego. There is a saying, “what goes around comes around” and we are seeing at the moment a particular person going into meltdown because he has failed to observe the most basic rules of human pack behaviour.

Before you want someone to cooperate with you,especially if our volunteers, you take them into your confidence, say what you would like to achieve and ask them if they want any help or have any comments. Gambling on your charisma doing the job for you is a big ask and requires either supreme confidence or supreme self-delusion.

This particular person wants to come on a tour of the United Kingdom and he somehow requires people to act at very short notice, arrange venues in three or four main towns in the UK, all in the space of a couple of months. There is nothing admirable about self-delusion. There is nothing admirable about someone who has their feet so far off the ground and they don’t realise that if you want to get peoples co-operation you need to value them and not taken for granted. This has failed lamentably.

There is something exponential about making mistakes. If you do not correct them, they become worse and worse and more and more disastrous. The “gilded and they will come” is a fearful and pathetic delusion. God may be on your side but are the people you need to help you on your side. That is the question. People get trapped by what I call the demiurge, which is the power and glory of ruling the world or even a few individuals. That is the opposite of the teachings of Christ and was I believe caused by angels that fell from heaven due to pride.


I did a very interesting reading for a lady who wrote to me this morning responding to my offer on my website for a brief free reading. For those curious about what readings can provide , my sort of readings anyway, I give the illustration below.

I have interleaved my comments with explanations as to why I save what I do, and more important, why I do not say certain things

On 30 May 2018, at 12:31, bsnellgrove wrote:

Client: I would appreciate the short reading please at the moment with focus on me moving house. Thank you.

Brian : such an important step such as moving house is normally attended by many factors some of which are psychological, some which are practical, and some which are indicative of longer term plan such as improving the quality of your life. This is a roundabout way of saying that simple yes or no may not tackle the underlying problems but having said that I will attempt to get some indication of the feel of moving and give you some clues if I get them.

[comment]  we first have to paint a picture and show how we are viewing the particular situation which in this case is not the house itself it’s what might be going on at the same time. I’m also saying that I don’t guarantee to get clues but I will give them if I get them. We are not performing animals. this is my worry about public psychic demonstrations that the medium sometimes has to force the result to entertain the public. Under private circumstances they would have to feel cooperation from the client].

We have to make sure we are moving towards something rather than away from something else. In other words if you are moving to escape from something maybe it is worth trying to analyse and face the problem or situation because any such problem or situation unless faced were manifest in another way. If your current location is unsuitable or becoming unsuitable, can you think to yourself why this is the case.

[ comment – in many cases indecision lies deeply in psychology and if people are indecisive as adults they were properly indecisive as children properly due to lack of confidence or trust ]

Fine tuning to all the factors encouraging you to move, and those which make a move unsuitable for whatever reason I get the following ratio; moving +2, not moving +1, unresolved matters +8. In other words the decision to move house is but a symptom of a lot of matters that need to be discussed and resolved as far as you can. It might be the attitude to money, it might be that you have to put your foot down and assert yourself with people who have tried to take advantage of you, or it may be that you have not decided your priorities with regard to lifestyle.

[ comment – in this paragraph I have done a psychic reading but I have explained it because numbers don’t mean an awful lot of its people I have explained why the reading I got might be correct but I’m leaving it open to the client to make their own decisions not telling them what to think]

This applies irrespective of whether you are single, in a relationship, or have children or no. Ultimately, our destiny lies in our own hands and we need to have a positive visualisation what we need to achieve not just in the short term but in the medium to long-term. I think you need to first and foremost is to stand-up with courage for what you believe. If you find yourself being undermined from within them that is an opportunity to seek professional advice in one way or another and figure out why you are in the situation that you are in.

[ comment: it is very important to remember that the health of the plant is the most important thing and if you are not able to play a full part then you are duty-bound to recommend people to look elsewhere or please consider the idea]

That sort of intervention is best done in person and not as we are doing by e-mail. A happy heart is the passport to a good future, one free from insecurity and fear and alas many of us have been indoctrinated in the gospel of fear, doing what we are told, and it is very difficult to get out of this slippery pit. I think you are aware of the need for more courage but you need to make sure that your actions are not predicated on being rejected at a personal level. I grant this is most difficult.

[ comment – see what I have done, I had moved from the particular to the general and given them some picture analogies which always come to me without any effort on which I trust makes some sense to the client]

It is easier if you have a confidante, someone with whom you can really talk about things without being judged and being accepted for whom you are. Again, I say, if this means getting professional help even from say the Citizens Advice Bureau then this is the way to go. They can refer you on if necessary.

[ comment: I have repeated myself because many people feel that they will be showing their inadequacy by getting help and the opposite is the case. Swallow your pride, make an appointment and go along]

Please do not feel guilty about what you could have done or what you might have done or what you should have done. You are where you are and this is an excellent time to start or fear free way of thinking.

[comment: it is important to end the reading on an upbeat note and not diagnosing people to death so to speak]

I hope that is of some small help

[comment: do not present yourself as the best thing since sliced bread but someone who might have been able to have the honour of helping another individual forward. I have learnt through long experience that people do not act straight away but if I can raise the morale and make people think that life is worth living after all then job done so far as I’m concerned]

She then writes:

Hello Brian Many thanks for the information you have emailed to me. You have ‘hit the nail on the head’ re the factors: money, better lifestyle, lack of assertiveness in allowing others to take advantage – so i wholeheartedly agree – in fact I felt quite emotional reading the latter part of your reply.

My heart says moving and I have looked at properties in North Wales , however I realised this morning I’m not being ruthless enough regarding de-cluttering – your email will certainly spur me on. I spent a few days in January with **** and ***** as I had two past lives which needed to be removed from my soul – I felt so positive when I said goodbye to them – and we are in June next week – no comment there!

– I said to a cousin the other day it would be easier if someone was with me to say -“charity shop – keep'” etc. however, it’s my journey so it’s up to me to get on with it. I suppose through my life I have always tried to help everybody who has crossed my path.

Many thanks indeed Brian, I really appreciate the time you have taken for my reading – you have helped me tremendously.  *****

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