Month: June 2018

Flood of biblical proportions averted

But first, a thought for the day. On my favourite radio religious programme TWR an Irish pastor was speaking about his work and told us of one of the most effective prayers he had ever heard 'Lord, make me a link in the chain of thy purpose'.  In other words we should not see ourselves as needing to be in the public eye or loved or be a key part of anything but as part of a chain where we are...

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List of groups that are a casualty of Facebook

No, this is not diary material but it's something that everyone should be aware of. Its not a question of conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. Ed. FB is less and less likely to be a source of impartial information. I was shocked to read in a blog the list of casualties. Read the full article here. A List of Facebook Casualties The following list is a work in progress—and these are just the...

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Humility, and unrequested sales emails from India

Great quote from today's morning religious programme (no better way to start a day) "humility is not about thinking less of yourself but thinking about yourself less."  This has nothing to do with today's topic. ***** I receive many unrequited offers to help me with SEO, web development etc. Most of them are from India, and from a private person probably fishing for a small percentage of profits...

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men are hopeless at cuddling

Gosh this is such an awkward picture. Anyone can read the body language here. Poor old Paul. I think women can have a good embrace and cuddle easier than men.When I see men trying to embrace, it reminds me of two robots crashing into each other. I wonder why. I think it is because in our youth we had little or no example of men expressing affection for each other so perhaps it is a skill that...

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Picture Essay of visit to Wells

Yesterday on the way to Glastonbury we popped into a Reclamation yard that promises unusual items. I wasn't quite sure whether this excellent outdoor stove would fit in our garden otherwise I would have bought it. Today, off to Wells Cathedral gardens. The moat is very still and clear and the weeds can be seen with great clarity.  A couple of allotmenteers with a sense of humor regularly dress...

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Reflections on midsummer’s day

We had a full house at Glastonbury, Chalice Well. For the first time it was uncomfortably crowded. The cakes ran out and who wants to stand in a long queue. Mind you, everyone talks to each other and you could not have asked for a more pleasant day. To my relief, very few of the women wear make-up which makes the real person easier to see. Why do women plaster make up on their faces. Back to...

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June 2018