Reflections on midsummer’s day

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We had a full house at Glastonbury, Chalice Well. For the first time it was uncomfortably crowded. The cakes ran out and who wants to stand in a long queue. Mind you, everyone talks to each other and you could not have asked for a more pleasant day. To my relief, very few of the women wear make-up which makes the real person easier to see. Why do women plaster make up on their faces.

Back to reality or third dimensional space and time, I find this illustration rather strong but it is oh so accurate.

The fact is that an awful lot of people are just too lazy to be bothered with anything outside their comfort zone. The more you take them out of their comfort zone or try to, the more toxic your behavior will be and the more they will resist you. I cannot see any way around this apart from telling jokes.


Well now, here is a story with a twist. I have somewhat of a fascination with YouTube videos of trains in the various forms, passenger, freight, snow clearing trains, old trains-  you name it.  Quite by chance, I came across a website called You can visit many stations and road junctions mainly in the USA and watched trains arrive and depart in real time. This example was Ashland, Virginia, USA. To the right of the images there is a chat board where people comment on the various features of the trains and gossip. It is a bit nerdy but fun.To my annoyance, I noticed that the clock on the right-hand side of this picture had a misalignment hour hand.  I commented on the chat board to say how sad it was that I was irritated and one of the other people, who presumably lived in the area, said he would look after it. One hour later, I returned to look at the screen and saw that the mis-alignment had been corrected. This viewer had gone along and put a ladder up the side of the clock and moved the hands.  The picture is of the corrected clock.


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