Month: July 2018

Good vs. Evil

The following type of thinking will be familiar to followers of David Icke who for many years has spoken and written about Archons - artificial machine-like beings who seek to take over the planet. This is not new knowledge. Ghost In The Machine. "The subconscious is the unseen force they use against us in plain sight. They control your subconscious because nobody has taught you how to control...

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A rainy Sunday and bad world news

This will be brief and to the point. Lovely to hear the sound of the pitter- patter of rain as we lay in bed this early morning. So gratefully received by the parched earth and the animals large and small. I honestly believe that most people haven't a clue how diabolical the world is becoming.  Gosh I am repeating myself. Another whinge and I will shut up. We see fires appearing all over the...

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Peace? Joy? Happiness?

I was listening to my favorite radio program, Trans World International, and discussion was on the difference between happiness and joy. My immediate reaction was that happiness is a more immediate phenomenon and perhaps more superficial whereas joy is a background state of mind which is more sublime, less dependent on circumstances and much more stable. It would arise from assurances about the...

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Film Review ‘The Bookshop’

I love Bill Nighy, an enigmatic performer who completely melds with his character. The story is about a widow who decides to open a bookshop in a sleepy village and the opposition she meets along the way but also involving a close and understated relationship with the recluse played by Bill. We watched this film on a boiling hot day together with about 10 other people in the Little Theatre,...

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The morning after…

This was our first such occasion last evening with about 10 people from our allotments here in Midsomer Norton and 10 visitors from the local garden club plus Richard, one of the counselors for the local town council. One thing that surprised and disappointed me was the number of plot holders who said they were coming, even the day before, and did not show up. Bearing in mind that we have 65...

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Dos and don’ts of being a host

Tomorrow Tuesday, 24 July is a very important day for me because I have invited all and sundry to come along to our allotment to celebrate ostensibly the arrival of two sets of tables given by a client but actually it is an excuse to have a few glasses of wine and exchange gossip. I have been reflecting on my thought process is and looking at any warranties or concerns or panic. The first thing...

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