So called ‘randomness’

Sometimes I question what randomness means. I took my son out for a walk on a ‘boys day’ with a view to taking a walk along my favorite canal which links Bristol, Bath and goes on to Swindon.

In my efforts to find a new starting point I got lost, so called, and we found ourselves driving amongst villages of three or 400 years old with street names like wool street’.  I did not know where I was going but we somehow ended up opposite a pub at a place called Freshford.  We just decided to walk and see where we landed up. Amazingly not only did we end up at the right place but through a very pleasant series of lanes.

Our circular walk was about three miles which we were happy to take. What started formless turned into a very well ‘organised’ walk – meeting people along the way which I could not have imagined.  We ended up at the pub, The Inn at Freshford  which turned out to be a gourmet pub specialising in gin, and excellent local beers. The bar person was a delight and allowed us to have a sample of a beer and a cider. We also had some delicious sweet potato fries (yes they do work).

Sometimes it works just following your nose.

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