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Today I go for my 18th appointment for wet macular degeneration. In case you don’t know what that means click here.  I found out about is during a routine eye check when the optometrist mentioned that she could give me another test but not on the NHS. It would cost £30 and would examine the eye in further detail.  I had the test on the spot.  She disappeared for a more than a moment and on her return said that she had arranged an appointment at the RUH hospital in Bath the next day. Things were a blur and I remember thinking that I would lose my sight. My disease was in a fairly advanced stage so the reason for the monthly injections (to which I respond thank goodness) is to keep the degeneration in check. This it has done. Below is the sort of photo they take. The bumps are oedema. Far sight is unaffected, its the bit for reading that is impaired but glasses do not help beyond their normal remit.

I look forward to my visits for three reasons. First there is an excellent art exhibition in the corridors of the hospital. Second I enjoy the lunches in the restaurant (anyone can go) and thirdly the comfort of the checking and chatting with the other patients.

Anyone, now to images of another kind. I suffered from a bright day which means that there are reflections on nearly all the images but hopefully you will get some idea.  All these themes are about children and young people and their ability relate to their environment. Off we go…

and at the other end of the age spectrum

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