High Littleton and Hallatrow Fun Day

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We started a promising day with a particularly blatant display of chem-trails. Cynics please note. The particles remain for up to 20 minutes unlike water vapour trails which disappear almost instantaneously. I use flightradar24.com to see what aircraft are flying over and the planes that produced the chem trails did not show. It has been going on for years. Check this video made 11 years ago and still valid.
Maybe turn down the volume slightly and Check this out. 


What more excitement could there be?   This is a very homely very local annual show consisting of a dog show, a brass band, a car boot sale, a beer tent, 2 or 3 food stalls, local organizations, school show, vegetable competition, face painting, tea and cake.  A perfectly good way of all the village people meeting up and having a good gossip.

We were intrigued by the amount of knitted objects both on and off site. In the main street there were knitting on street benches, and on site, knitted food.

After a couple of hours we left and spent the rest of the day lazily at home. Thank goodness I was not sitting in a traffic jam on some motorway or another. We tend not to travel during high days and holidays.  Home grown food and berries are abundant at this time of year. We have more potatoes and beans and greens than we can eat, so off to the freezer go the beans.

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