Frome Agriculture and Cheese Festival

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One of the mainstays of Somerset. Each year it grows and grows. The images will largely speak for themselves. I would encourage everyone to come. If you are thinking of moving to the area, come along for a day trip and get the feel of the local people. We are coming up to our sixth year in Somerset and this is the first year that we feel accepted and more at home.Only one downside of this.

I have become more electrosensitive which means that I am aware of cell phone towers and radiations not to mention the effect of people’s mobile phones.  the problem is that the human body is not really designed to deal with microwaves. About an hour into the festival I started feeling listless and heavy and I lost my normal mental acuity.
Did dawned on me that since the mobile phone signal is weak, one bar if you are lucky, the phones have to work extra hard to reach the broadcasting towers so it was a bit like sitting in the middle of a microwave oven.  Just imagine the effect of about 3000 phones or trying to do the same thing so this is the price we pay for technology but this in itself is nothing compared with the effect of 5 g if it should ever come to pass. My website is if you want to have a look.
I left the show exhausted in my body but after about 20 minutes I revived having been somewhat fortified by some cider in a local pub.

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