World War 1 at The American Museum Bath

Prosthetic face being fitted. (World War 1 exhibition – till end Oct 2018)

’twas a sunny day with billowing clouds coming in from the Atlantic. We discussed what sort of walk we could do to take advantage of one of the few days without daytime rain. I finally decided to go to the American  Museum in Britain, situated near Bath, the only one of its kind in the world outside the USA.

It turned out to be the right idea. A new designed landscape had been opened the previous day and there was a sculpture exhibition by Angela Connor. This brilliantly situated environment and house is situated in a valley close to Bath but nothing of the city can be seen. The standards of administration and staffing are exemplary. I highly recommend this attraction for its exhibits and the current temporary exhibition on World War 1, plus a lovely restaurant serving light lunches (American food) and teas, coffees etc. Allow 3-4 hours to see everything. Here follows a photo essay with comments as necessary.

We wandered round the new gardens and the arboretum….

Abraham Lincoln
Unobstructed view of the countryside
Very unusual ‘rings within rings’ of a tree stump
lovely autumn view
Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England
Look carefully. The base of the railings have been oxidized to nothing – hanging in the air

In the museum itself

A cartoon in quilt form

Morphing photo.

World War 1 exhibition.  I did not know that in 1917, 2 million US troops were engaged in France. That would be 2% of the population of the USA.

Is this the world’s first 2’6″ bed. I guess made narrow to cram them in to a limited space.

what phallic symbolism?
before and after prosthetic treatment

and finally an amazing bust of John Taverner the composerfashioned out of musical score sheets.

That’s yer lot folks. I could go on for ever.


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