A new toy for night listening – a sad piece of news

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I do not often buy ‘stuff’ for myself but on this occasion an exception has been made. I am increasingly suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity. We are being radiated on a 24/7 basis with waves that the human body is not designed for.  All types of devices that everyone is so fond of using are radiators and transmitters.  People in rural areas are more at risk as the device – phone, tablet etc. has to work harder to keep in touch with the transmitting tower.

I seldom sleep though the night and often wake up at 3am or so (tut tut I hear you say).  I very much enjoy the World Service of the BBC. They have long interviews about situations all round the world and the interviewer does not interrupt the speaker every five seconds as on day time TV and radio. The service is broadcast from Radio 4 BBC which goes off air at 1 am to give way to World Service and to return at 05.20 to BBC and the Shipping Forecast. I notice that they have a large rota to read this item, my guess is because it is so boring. See The Guardian article. Dogger, Fisher, German Bight: shipping forecast celebrates 150 years.  The maritime service launched in 1867 and is still ‘vital’ to seafarers, says the RNLI, despite new sources of weather data.

Recently I have noticed that a feel sick and dizzy when I work for too long on my computer. Amazingly, laptops are more radiant than PC’s. I have switched off the wireless element in my router so am almost wireless free but even so we have a cocktail of frequencies flowing through us at all times – even radio transmissions must be taken into consideration. I did not know that even when switched off, we can suffer from ‘dirty electricity’ in the wiring of our home and from our devices such as our mobile phones.

This is why I have bought the device above. It runs on DC direct current – much healthier than Alternating current. My mains powered portable/battery radio was producing dirty electricity – even the ear pieces would you believe.    The only problem is that the battery is small and it does not seem to run for longer than a few hours, not the 24 as advertised. The battery is he size of the battery in my mobile phone.  Anyway it can be recharged so I must just plug it in every morning or every other morning.


We went to our lovely rural bakery, Bread and Beyond, to find that our beloved and hardworking Alice, the baker, who rises at 2am to bake bread, will be hanging up her cooking apron on Saturday 20 October. I guess we take our loyal and hard working servants for granted. She makes the most delicious meat pies – steak and mushrooms,  apple and pork and unlike most other products the pies are full of actual meat not just fillers such as potato or carrots.

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