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I awoke this morning to find a clear blue sky. Such a treat in Mid September.  Today is the day I go and collect my money from my garden customer, the supervisor of divers in Libya who arrived back at 00.00 this morning.  He  is a quiet man, very methodical and works very hard. He works 28 days on and 28 days off in unpleasant and difficult circumstances. He said that the office work has not been completed which caused inconvenience. He said that this was due to all the staff having been killed.   He said that as if he was asking me if I wanted a cup of coffee, which I did by the way.   We chatted away in a fairly disjointed fashion.  He told me that his wife had died and he was selling another house which was occupied by his family. He was hoping to sell it and travel for some time after his retirement which he was planning shortly.
I love these little snapshots of people. They know  they are probably not going to see you again and you don’t know any of their friends so they can be as open as they wish with you knowing it will not go any further.
I returned to Midsomer Norton and had a little peek at Wetherspoons. They have been  open about 10 days now and every day seems to be heavily populated with people. The service is slow, and I thought they could have got a few more staff in to cater for the inevitable curiosity and interest of a new pub restaurant in the chain. I was told that someone had to wait 50 minutes for a meal but when it came it was very nice.
The Green Shop sells good organic food, has a family atmosphere and is a pleasure to go in. I parked close by and thought to myself, should I go in?  I intuited that there was a person  that I should meet and as soon as I entered the establishment I saw her, a young to middle-aged lady who looked as if she had been through hard times. She was very easy to talk to and she told me that she had no house, no job, and very little money. This was her  first cup of coffee for a long time.  I chatted with her and said that I in my life had been without accommodation, a job, and nothing seems to be going right for me but then things seem to improve without my being able to figure out how it happened.  I said that providence looks after us all in a strange way.  I suggested that she find one or two gay friends because they don’t have a hidden agenda, they have a good sense of humor, and are fun to be with.  she asked me if there was a gay club in Midsomer Norton and I said I didn’t think this was the gay centre of the world by any means, and she should try BristoI.
I said some fairly outrageous things including the fact that she might consider herself a man in a woman’s body but she took it in good heart and said I had a good point.   She thanked me warmly for my feedback  and we left each other with much hand waving and good byes.   I don’t know her name but it doesn’t matter all that much because next time I will greet her warmly. I like people who are different, not normal, and who live on the edge of society They are much more interesting if difficult to know initially because I suspect they have been hurt so many times.  She had told me that she has got over the habit of getting linked up with controlling men, or men who are into drugs –  and was quite proud of herself for so doing.
the afternoon was spent in sending out invoices to the people who are allotment tenants. It is such a tedious job making sure that everything is in the right order but I only have to do this occasionally so it’s not too bad really.
The time is 6:04PM, the time when my daily google alerts come relating to all matters  5G, smart meters etc so I try to update my website on a daily basis.

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