Month: October 2018

Retro View of Glastonbury – historic pictures + Samhain

We all sit round the fire prior and during the celebration (always midday) and share in the sort of atmosphere that I wish would manifest everywhere. The officient was guiding us to breathe in and out meaningfully, go within and eliminate all unworthy material (much more than that, but that's all I remember). The Festival, Samhain, commemorates in the Pagan year. Samhain is known by most folks...

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Guide Dog training – another eye appointment

Today I went to my coffee morning at my local church, Holy Trinity in Paulton. The vicar had left for another parish the previous Monday. In spite of this or perhaps because of this, the place was full and about 20 people turned up. Maybe they felt in the absence of a vicar the need for mutual self-assurance among our small but dedicated congregation. We had a long chat about holidays,...

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A thoughtful Sunday – the Voice of God within us?

Guess what. Halloween is just round the corner. I thought these local examples were very imaginative. We do have a certain penchant for stuffed animals. This is our fawn, who keeps guard on our house security whilst we are away, along with our         giraffe who assists. We also have George, a hedgehog, who supervises matters in the kitchen and also keeps a watch out for mice, should they ever...

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A visit to Bristol art galleries

  The image is by Rosalind Robinson 'Where he leads, the past will follow'. See below for more. We parked our car at Farrington Gurney as per usual and took the direct bus to Bristol, the 376, which avoids the burgeoning parking problems, endless roadworks  and to us oldies it is FREE. Off to see a friend at the Andellie Art Gallery in Christmas Steps, Bristol then to The Royal Western Art...

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An AgeUK walk in Camerton

Those of us who spend a lot of time driving along roads forget that the countryside is for the most part unspoilt and almost mediaeval in parts.  It is easy to forget that you're in the 21st century. Age UK have some very knowledgeable and caring volunteers who do a lot of research to make sure we get taken along beautiful tracks and byways, avoiding the roads as much as possible. This is a...

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An arty day in Wells, Somerset

What is this video I hear you ask. There was a very special modern art exhibition in the buildings of Wells Cathedral. This is about the life history of two people, one of whom had multiple sclerosis. It runs for little over six minutes but I found it compulsive viewing.  APOLOGIES for the wobble but I could not keep my hands still whilst holding out my arms.  NB The way to watch it is to...

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October 2018