Off to Cheddar Boot fair

Snobs – do not read this.

I absolutely love outdoor (or indoor) boot fairs, jumble sales, anything where you can pick up a bargain for 50p and maybe find the unexpected. Although the big Cheddar boot fair goes on rain or shine all year I prefer to go when the weather is clement so the weather being fine and promising off we went. I as usual was determined not to buy anything but of course I did. I found a very nice pair of working boots, almost new, for £2 which were a perfect fit. I bought two Duracell 9 volt batteries for £2.40. No two boot fairs are ever the same so I enclose a couple of pictures to show the variety.

This event is very popular amongst Russian and Polish people who like a bargain as much as anyone.   The most popular ones are children’s clothes so there is no need for any parent to buy anything new. Towards the end of the day people give away stuff for nothing. They want to get rid of it and its better than going to the recycle in their minds.

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