An arty day in Wells, Somerset

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What is this video I hear you ask. There was a very special modern art exhibition in the buildings of Wells Cathedral. This is about the life history of two people, one of whom had multiple sclerosis. It runs for little over six minutes but I found it compulsive viewing.  APOLOGIES for the wobble but I could not keep my hands still whilst holding out my arms.  NB The way to watch it is to increase your screen size then you can read the text along the bottom.

An amazing bowl with an almost 3D impression inside.  It has to be seen (Closes end October 2018).    A detail, below. I have never seen a porcelain fried egg before.

We moved away from the Art Exhibition to the grounds where we enjoyed the peaceful and relatively microwave free area but there is no getting away from it. We found one area by the apple tree, image below, which was particularly peaceful and it made us think that at some point would like to buy or rent some land as a refuge from the electromagnetic soup that we all have to suffer.

This was another fruit tree, crab apples I think against the background of the castle and moat. A group of tourists being shown around the grounds.

Some statues with family themes.

Always a pleasure to see the pure clear water arising from the spring.

This next image is from a coffee shop adjacent to the market place where coffees are available for £1. I am not sure why they put a cockroach on the bread even though it was a plastic one.

We visited another exhibition of booking binding or should I say books unbound. They included many quotes by Rumi including the one below which shows the immense elevation of his thinking. A thoroughly elevating day altogether. We ended up buy buying some first class olive oil for £22 a bottle. We are going big time for quality and we chose this to add to our salads (not for cooking at this price).

And so to home.

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