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Today I attended a day conference about 5G, smart meters, and asking the question, why is Wi-Fi still allowed in schools. It was at a delightful place called Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, which is an amazing Georgian style pile well away from any electromagnetic signals.

I myself are becoming more and more bothered by these killer radiations and I know you think I may be exaggerating but already, cancer levels are rising in direct proportion to the prevalence of 4G and 5G radiation which is a new type of microwave radiation designed to be universally used for communications, for example to enable the download a DVD in 3 seconds. That’s what they say to the public, but in fact it is used to SPY on any activity in the homes. It get worse than that but I want you to continue reading this diary.  The price we all have to pay however is that your whole body is radiated.

I’m just going to give a summary of some of the points and meanwhile as a participant I’m so glad that the whole day will be on a DVD so I can study the whole thing in depth. There is no way anyone can write fast enough to record all the points.  Although the sun in our solar system gives out 100 times as much radiation as mobile phones the main difference is that signal sent out by an antenna is polarized in other words they either go up and down or side to side and this means that they have a far greater penetrating effect than generalized sunlight for example which is unpolarised.

5G will cause not only the biology of humans to suffer, but also plants, trees and insects. I was just reading in the paper about an experiment in The Hague, Holland where after a new 5G antenna was installed, hundreds of birds simply fell down dead. Neither us nor animals have any defence against microwaves; I do recall a rather grizzly experiment in Israel where they had developed a microwave weapon which they tuned in or pointed towards a bus full of people and turned it on full volume so to speak. The result was that rather like being in a microwave oven, everybody perished as the water in them was evaporated. They all died of course but the experiment was considered to be a success.

Because microwaving removes the water from people, there is a technical term but let’s call it aquatic damage, the two parts of the body particularly vulnerable to this are the eyes and the kidneys so it is quite likely that if and when 5G comes on to a street near you we will see an increase in blindness and in renal failure. This is going to happen worldwide and it is quite amazing, you could call it a supreme act of folly, that the corporations are so fixed on profit that they don’t realise that the very 5G they’re going to make so much money from will also kill them.

Classification of damage: If the DNA is affected then cancer is a probable result. If there is cell death then degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers is a proabability.

Smart meters are bad enough because they pulse information about everything going on in the house every 20 seconds and if you are unlucky enough to have one the other side of the wall you will suffer from nosebleeds, sleeplessness, headaches, and a variety of other opportunistic diseases. If anyone approaches you on the phone and tells you you have to have a smart Meter, this is completely untrue, a complete lie, because they want to get the necessary sales figures. They will tell you anything they can think of e.g. your meter is redundant. However, once the smart meter is installed, they can switch it on and off at any time, in effect control your household use. They can also charge more at key times of the day for example between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

I won’t drone on about this forever but if you want more information, visit the relevant pages on my site, 5 g exposed.com, or visit stop smart meters UK. org.uk

Professor Martin Powell PhD was the most pessimistic of all the speakers and felt that within between 5 and 7 years, there will be a crash and burn threat to combined brain function in other words communication, a crash and burn to the reproductive systems of people and finally a crash and burn to the gene pool of DNA.

I just wonder how long it will take before people wake up to this terminal disaster for human beings. This puts tobacco and asbestos in the shade.

If anyone has a smart meter or uses their mobile phone, you can minimise the deleterious effects by first of all not allowing a smart meter in  to the house in the first place and if you have one, getting it removed which you can do by writing the correct letter. Remember, smart meter radiations amount to an assault.

To mobile phone users, keep your phone as far away from you as possible and never sleep with it in the same room because at night, the body is far more vulnerable to the waves coming from the phone. The phone makes periodic attempts to reach the transmitting station and the further you are away from the station the more the power the phone has to use and therefore the more the potential damage to the biological system. If you can possibly use wired instead of Wi-Fi internet that will be great. But then this is available on the Internet. Anyone who wants to read can just type in the relevant terms e.g. smart meter damage.  My site is the largest on the planet for such things in terms of information from many sources. It’s even better than Google because Google’s algorithms have a nasty way of hiding information they don’t want you to see, in other words, false news or so-called false news.

The lectures themselves were very interesting but what really disturbed me was the behaviour of the conference chairman who had no idea how to chair. His time keeping was hopeless. The first ’40 minute’ lecture ran for an hour and so there were no time for questions.  He had not helped his cause  by saying ” my name is Stuart, that’s all you need to know”. Because the subject matter is difficult and anxiety making it is more important that the chairman plays a key role in maintaining the morale and the shape of the meeting.  Stuart clearly regarded us as a bit of a nuisance because he said ‘I don’t want to waste my energy coming round gathering people together after the breaks’ I thought this was really rude. I decided to keep my mouth shut because I don’t think it would have achieved anything but I spoke to a colleague afterwards saying that I think this chap is better off not doing chairman type work. I was told that he was ‘a very nice chap actually, but sometimes the words come out the wrong way. That must be the understatement of the year.

What a lovely idea to combine an optician and a cafe. The centre of Horsham.

A sign by the sandwich bar in Waitroses.

We left in the dark about 6 pm and went off to Horsham to try and find a place that could serve us some food. Everywhere was full, full to bursting, so we ended up buying some soup, olives, bread and bits and pieces and we had them at our B&B. It is easy to spend a fortune on a Saturday night or any night come to that. A meal out for two would have been about £40 and we were already eating into our budget (no pun intended) quite substantially.

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