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This man I LOVE.  His mind is so clear and he does not take any non-sense. If you have even a fraction of 1:42:13 to listen to this lively contest then think what society would be like if instead of people staring at their mobile phones all the time they actually conversed.


I do not like conflict. I like everyone to work in harmony, understand each other, and achieve a common result. Full stop in the last couple of days I would have had to deal with someone in Romania whom I hired to develop my website. We were supposed to talk on Sunday but he had a problem, evidently and wanted to talk on Monday but since early Monday I’ve heard nothing from him. I have written an email, sent a message and a Skype message and he still does not seem to want to respond. I get very nervous when people maintain silence. It’s absolutely fine if something has happened to them and they cannot proceed for whatever reason which case for goodness sake tell me so I know what to expect.

This chap is about to lose his contract which by UK terms is not a huge amount but by Romanian standards it’s probably quite respectable and he does not appear to understand the most basic the rules of dealing with a client which is that you keep them in the picture. Without any form of contact from his side there’s nothing much I can do except possibly go to get the money that I paid back from my bank but then this would probably cause complications with the intermediary who has presumably paid him some of the money.

One of the reasons I became self-employed over 40 years ago was that I was in control of my own destiny and I may have made a less than brilliant job but at least I have no one but myself to blame when things go wrong. I got quite a good initial impression of this guy but he has not delivered so I’m going to have to give the job to someone else and spend some more money.

The question is, how much ‘benefit of the doubt’ do I give anyone. How am I supposed to know what’s going on in their life? People actually have to tell me.  I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Anyway I will leave the whole thing till later on this evening because I did ask him to speak to me today so if he doesn’t speak then the deal is off and it is as simple as that.

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