Trails in the sky are not what they seem

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The videos and material exposing these dreadful poisonous contrails get better and better. Most of us have seen these persistent trials after planes have passed and may have wondered what they are.  It is my business to know about such things but I do realise there are those who may not have joined the dots and realised what is going on.  Please watch this film, it is not long, and it will be an eye opener to you.

After many days of sweat, toil, sleepless nights  my toil with the website I was developing is coming to an end. Let no one tell you that building sites is easy. The formula may be simple but what you need probably does not exactly fit in with what you are offered in terms of templates, even with plug-ins to choose from.  It does require imagination, experience and hard work and taking a few hard knocks where you think nothing is going to go right by the designated date.

When I think that I recently I had engaged someone in Romania to do this software writing job in a day or so it was quite clear that both myself and the person who offered to do the site was naive in the extreme. In future I will allow twice the time I think I need, or want to believe I need, and get a better result.   It really is the difference between chalk and cheese were there you get on well with someone, or whether they are doing the job mechanically without any interest in it apart from earning money.


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