Men vs. women


I have seldom seen such an honest transparent video about men vs. women, made by women who appear to be being totally transparent. It is not a youtube video so no normal embedding. View it here.

I have held the belief that some women use their sexuality and perceived ‘weakness’ to their own advantage. I was shocked to read about the number of men who are physically abused. If they retaliate then the man will probably end up in court. It is all to easy to blame the man. Are we all potential rapists? I might ask ‘are all women potential seducers’. I am not interested in people’s ‘sex’. I am interested in their contribution, their attitude, their community mindedness, their ability to speak whole sentences. Age does not matter. Its the humanity.

So, all my printed stuff for next Sunday has arrived. I feel a bit lost so will start to prepare for my trip to London. We shall be there for four days. Luckily someone is coming to house-sit.

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