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In contract to yesterday where it rained from dawn to dusk, today dawned bright and still, with a blue sky tempting us to take time out from ‘the daily round and the common chore’ as it says somewhere in the bible.

However in the morning we met a lady called Katy who has lived locally for many years and practises an esoteric healing technique called ‘Kinetic Chain Release. It is based on the theory that our body has become twisted albeit by minute amounts and that the length of the legs has become different. This is evidently a one-shot treatment. Francoise was interested in getting one so we agreed that Katie would call on us on the morrow (Thursday).

We love the Bath and Kennett Canal so made further explorations of it so aimed for a place called Hilperton which is about 2 miles east of Trowbridge (a town where traffic can snark up in a moment). I cannot say that all stretches of the canal are romantic. This section was between fields. At one stage there was an electricity farm (solar cells). We had a couple of chats with the locals. One lady spends here time in the area moving towards where here many family members lives. Barge owners are an independent lot who are quite happy to trade the cold and damp of the winter for the style of life. Another passing lady had three identical miniature dogs, all of whom had reindeer type bells on them. She chose to be private to other canal users.

On the return we stopped off at a health food shop / bakery / cafe and  bought some ‘just going out of date’ pea and potato soup, normally sold for £2.99 but available to us for 76p.  I love these little bargains and the soup was yummy.

My stomach pains persist in spite of eating very little so my theory is that as I am detoxing from four items namely coffee, sugar, dairy and alcohol this is quite a shock to the system and I must tolerate the symptoms of withdrawal. So unfortunate over the Christmas period but needs must.

I note that I have written 459,554 words as opposed to the one million words of Samuel Pepys over 10 years. I have been writing for a little under 2 years. There is no comparison in effort because Pepys wrote meticulously using quill pen and ink and by candle light so his efforts must have taken three times as long. He also wrote daily, which is something I have slipped up on recently. Sometimes there is nothing that I consider worth writing but I am sure I could dredge up some nuance if I so chose.

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