The peace and quiet of New Year’s Day

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One thing I don’t like is crowds, not any more anyway. I was watching the spectacular fireworks display in London on the Thames, 11 min where the sky seemed to be one solid phosphorous bomb with sounds to match.

For once we did not partake of any alcohol. I’m having to undergo a food revolution at the moment because as I have mentioned previously my stomach doesn’t need any supply of alcohol or anything containing sugar and I’m having to learn the hard way. Sugar has no known the beneficial use so I understand from various articles. I realise that for the last decades I have programmed myself or allow myself to be programmed if privately this sweet stuff when in fact it does no good to my body at all. It does not supply anything that is missing. You could say that a sweet tooth is addictive.

Yesterday afternoon I broke my role and had a couple of glasses of white wine. A few hours later, I got the most acute discomfort in my stomach, the upper regions thereof. It’s a bit like toothache, it’s inside you so you can’t reach out and remove it. I must admit I was bad company because I was rolled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle clutched in my front.

I have been continuing work on a site I have created called AV people which encourages continuity of friendship amongst those who have attended a conference one of which happens every year. I sweated blood, and quite a lot of money, get the website right and then announced to people that I was ready to receive people onto the site in other words beta testing had taken place.  The first note was on 14 December from which I got about eight people, the second bulletin was on about 29 December and so far I’ve got no responses from 32 of the 40 people who said they were interested in joining. I probably picked the worst time of year in fact I can’t think of a time of year that is worse so maybe I’m my own worst enemy in terms of being impatient for results.

I have gloriously free diary for 2019. No doubt I will start gardening again in April when things finally start to grow though with this change in climate you never know what’s going to happen when. I read that spring blossoms have occurred in a cherry tree two weeks ago someone in the Midlands. I’m going to spend much more time this year in devotional reading. I am a Christian after all i.e. a believer in Christ and I need to keep my friendships in repair so speak. This is mostly a solitary task since most of the people of my age range are fixed in their ideas and I cannot talk about some of the more radical ideas I have never mind 911 or smart meters or 5G or alien invasion or directed energy weapons – the sort of thing that Midsomer Norton people are so used not talking about.   I have a couple of people that I can share things but then it’s like preaching to the choir. The thing I enjoyed most of all is imparting information to people who are really interested.

Looking back on 2018 I suppose there’s things I could have done differently. I am fairly easy come easy go with the exception of gardening  jobs that I will only take if I like the people. I’m very pleased with my 5G site, 5G which is now the greatest reference site in the world but the problem is it is not very friendly and there is a limit to how friendly you can make a site with 3 1/2 thousand references. I shall probably slow down a little bit because there is a limit to the amount of times you can say the same thing twice.

I’ve also slowed down a bit on this diary in mind that you’re reading now. I make no effort to publicise it as frankly it is a record for my own use in the main. It has become part of my regular routines and I would miss it if it were not there.   I’m now about 450,000 words, 463,837 if you must know, so in the next two or three months I should reach the half million word mark. I’m not so grand as War and Peace and about half what Samuel Pepys wrote in his lifetime. War and Peace has 587, 287 words.

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