finally some commonsense from Australia about Brexit

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Sky News reporter NAILS IT on Brexit

I think the British public is desiring neigh gasping for someone to say something not involving grovelling to Europe. Listen to this lady spell it out.

This morning I went for morning coffee at my local church. During the event, a man walked in who I did not recognise and joined in our group. We were chatting about travel. He interposed when I commented about travel to South Africa. This was his first time with us; he had seen the notice outside. First off, he gave information that as he had a heart condition it was desirable for him to be healthy; he maintained his walking of 10,000 steps a day from Hallatrow to Tesco’s in Midsomer Norton and back.

It turned out that he and I were great travellers. He is due to go to South Africa for three weeks for which he had budgeted £4000 for him and his partner including some safaris. He got a return via virgin to Johannesburg for £695 and relies on AirB&B for his accommodation. He had everything planned out very much like I do. we had a great chat and I hope to see him on his return.

I’m still celebrating my recovery from my stomach acid problem. I can’t believe it but I can eat anything within reason, though it must not be excessive amounts through, and it just goes down without complaint. I’m going to have an endoscopy in a few weeks time but I wonder if I even need it. I suppose I should go because they encourage you to go every couple of years at my age anyway.

I see there was another drone or drone like object which temporarily stopped aircraft departures and arrivals at Heathrow. Maybe it was a UFO , who knows?


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