An unexpected interruption at Holy Communion this morning

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Our local church has great ideas. Although we do not have a vicar in charge at the moment, services continue and we had our monthly communion at 11 o’clock this morning, Thursday, followed by a lunch provided by one of the ladies. The presiding vicar, Rev Trevor Stubbs, turned out to be quite a character. He had had living is in Africa, Sudan I think it was, Australia for three years various parts of UK, including Dorset and is now living in Chew Magna with his lovely wife.

He loves to be of service whenever he can and has taken over a youth facility at a local club. He also writes box under the group title White Gates Adventures and the strap line fantasy fiction with a spiritual heart. the last thing I expected was to be discussing around the table the niceties of self publishing. It is now possible to print economically one copy of a single book to the trend now is to publish on demand. I visited his website which I recommend you do as well.   He had a lovely sparkle in his eyes which shows that coming onto 80, I would estimate, is still full of the joys of spring. His sermon was very simple and said in effect that none of us are worthy to go to heaven but the key thing is to let the love of God clean us up from within and at least make the effort

During the services we sit up in the chancel. There were about a dozen of us and there was a very happy atmosphere. There was a noise during most of the Service when a pigeon or was it a rat was trying to escape from somewhere near the skirting boards.  At the end of the service it had quietened down so maybe it came for a bit of spiritual respite as well, why not.

I left the service in the splendid state of mind. Although cold, it was a bright blue sky and I gave thanks once more for being in the countryside.

I’m still not recovered from my cold and I think I have some flu so straightaway I went to bed. I find myself having unaccountable and uncontrollable shivers so I think this is the system trying to adapt itself. Our living room is toasty warm so once I have been sitting there for a bit I’m okay.

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