An interesting telephone call – was it a time waster?

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Some weeks ago I wrote about smart meters in the local paper.  I just now received a call from someone of the “you don’t know me and sorry to trouble you” variety. She told me that she does not have a smart meter and is very electro sensitive but then tells me that the electricity company EDF is pursuing her for a bill that she does not think she owes. She was away in hospital for about a month and decided to deduct a percentage of her bill, about a third, and is refusing to pay the rest because she says she was not there. The sum in dispute is about £33. The company has threatened to take her to court unless she pays. I realised that if I started to talk about such things as fixed charges etc that would be a waste of time. I told her that the only occasion where it would be worth contesting the bill is if the overcharge was say £500 but the sum of £33  was far too trivial to argue about.

At this point I realised I was dealing with a very disturbed person. You don’t deduct a percentage of your own bill because you think you are entitled to do it. She complained that the company was making continual contact and asking if they could come round and put in a Smart Meter. I told her, just say no.    With regard to the bill I told her just pay it because she would lose the court case and further debt will accrue.

There are enough people with real grudges in the world who don’t get attention never mind people with imaginary grudges who want to save a few pounds by taking on a system. People, just make sure you don’t get into that type of situation in the first place. I told her she could change her supplier and said that she was speaking like someone who was in prison. I told the people change their suppliers in their hundreds every day of the week.

She said in a very tight voice ‘well thank you for your advice’. A pound to a penny it’s very unlikely that she will take notice of anything I said. Some people are just living on a different planet. God help them when things get really hard.

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