Illness – what to do?

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For some weeks now I have been feeling faint, lethargic, unable to find the strength to do something which is at arms length. If I was a Duracell battery I would be empty. I’m quite glad that this has coincided with a period of the year where no particular demands are being made upon me except for the odd hospital appointment here and there.

A few days ago I decided to give in. I did not even dress but stayed in my pyjamas and dressing gown for the whole day, wandering around, reading the papers, watching TV from time to time. I got up at about 11 o’clock, went to bed about 7:30 PM, and stayed in the bedroom staring at the wall listening to the radio. I did not feel bad while I was doing this. There was nothing much that could have been done apart from time to minimise my horrible cough which was only partially successful but then I decided just to let nature take its course. I did not have to switch the phone off because there were not many calls anyway and we have to leave it on because of the odd emergency.

Yesterday, Thursday, we went to see some very old friends. One of my friends is up to date with the latest technology for measuring the human energy field. She measured me and found that I was far too active on the mental side and leaving myself with insufficient energy for self-healing. I was about six times as stressed as I ideally should have been. In a way it was a relief to hear this. She has prescribed me a course of pills, for no less a sum than £245 for two months, but she claims very significant improvements among her large client base.

I felt much better today and did some work on the allotment. it was a lovely day, sun shining and around 10°C. I think that the disease had largely run its course, the energy has come back to me, it was good to know how I was stressing myself which in a way is a self healer.

This evening, back to sorting out my books, watching TV and probably an early bed.

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