Month: February 2019

Erectile dysfunction – meeting an old friend

The plan for the day was to meet a friend in the St Martin-in-the-Fields restaurant which is below the church and please note very popular during mealtimes. In case my readers do not know, this church has a long and distinguished history of dealing with and helping the homeless and are less fortunate. The church welcomes everybody and has a wide range of concerts, exhibitions and facilitates. I...

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A visit to Tate modern and lunch at the salvation army

So, the first post funeral day with a mixture of emotions if not on my part then certainly on the part of Francoise. I decided to take her to the coffee bar which I discovered the day before, Francoise went off to do other things. I mooched around then returned to the Salvation Army for the promised lunch. the period of lunch was advertised between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM but what happened was that...

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The day of the funeral

Whilst Francoise was chatting with her friend, I took a walk down to Camden high Street for my first look around. I noticed a Salvation Army building on the left-hand side and popped in to have a chat. A new couple, the captain and his wife had moved in last September and were experimenting with various formats of looking after homeless people. Evidently, a businessman had offered to fund the...

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Photographic essay of London part one

So, off to London for a full seven days. Accommodation in London is expensive even with Air B&B so I am grateful to have been offered free accommodation by an old friend of Francoise.  Tuesday we are off to a funeral and are arriving the day before so we can settle in. Our procedure for going anywhere is always the same. We take the 9:38 AM 172 local bus from Wells at the newsagent 100 yards...

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A meaningful day out with a friend

Before I start, I've just been sent this wonderful video which is very short but quite delightful. So it is a lovely Saturday with hardly a cloud in the sky. I decided to take my friend from Hertfordshire to our favourite places. I cannot encapsulate more than a fraction of what we saw but here are one or two examples. Each stream, river, seashore, makes a different sound according to what the...

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Sombre and encouraging writings

Mark Knopfler is probably one of the best-known guitarists certainly in the UK. He was recently interviewed by a magazine who in response eto a question said "if I could go back to relieve any moment, it would be about 20 years ago, after a gig, walking down a corridor" This guy was coming the other way and he stopped me. He said, "I want to tell you – I was suicidal tonight. But my mates came...

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