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two of our animals keeping watch for burglars and generally keeping the house safe

I’m on a new course of mitochondria repair. It involves taking six tablets twice a day. The technique is supposed to reverse the effect of ageing,  to reverse the state of health that started to degrade when we were 16 years of age or thereabouts.   I have no idea if it will work but I tend to trust the professional person who told me about the medication and therefore from whom I made the investment (about £250 for a two month course).

So, last Friday the snow came as the temperatures plummeted. I won’t use this term in the same breath as the Chicago phenomenon of -40°C Low, a phenomenon that I’m deeply suspicious of. Man made?  Who knows?

I went for a walk yesterday morning in the lovely crisp sunlight but the conditions were so difficult that I had to concentrate almost full-time on not falling over. Francoise had bought some spikes which helped her to negotiate the ice with dexterity and it was me who almost acted like an old man stumbling and walking slowly.

We decided to go into hibernation. Last night we went to bed early, at about 10 o’clock, and I slept through until eight o’clock in the morning which is a phenomenal amount of time for me to stay still. Actually, there was nothing much to get up for. My local church service had been cancelled due to the weather, very wise as it turned out so why not stay in a warm bed and drift into the arms of Morpheus.

Around lunchtime we listened to Jacob Rees Mogg our local MP being grilled by the BBC who tried to make out but there was a connection between a car company not building any more cars here and Brexit. The presenter of the World at One did his best to interject and interrupt the MPs thoughts but to no avail. Rees Mogg pointed out that there were other problems apart from Brexit, for example that the chief of the car company was languishing in jail because he had understated his income. I admire the interviewee for not losing his cool.

If I ever get into a position when my words are listened to in public I will not let the BBC anywhere near a press conference. I shall tell them that they are expert at disguising their Marxist philosophy as objective news and presenting it to the public in this form. They have done
untold damage this country, and get paid millions by the government to carry on in this way. Thanks again David Sedgwick for bringing all this into focus in your book as mentioned in my last diary entry.

There is a lot to be said for hibernating in the winter. Animals do it and recover perfectly well, what is it about man that thinks he is indispensable on 24/7 basis all the time ‘doing’ things. Why not have a period of not doing anything? The point is that while you’re alive the brain is working and it is impossible to do nothing. You may be processing information or repairing yourself. The brain being the ultimate relational database loves to process things, and for all you know you may wake up from the hibernation wiser than when you went into it.

Just a thought.

I’m meditating on the problem at the moment of a very good professional friend of mine who has an employee that has lost momentum. Because I have the ability of going back in time with my mind and seeing how they were letter say six months ago, I can track patterns in behaviour and motive. I really want to share this with my friend but can do nothing if there is resistance. I agree that people such as myself should wait to be asked but if a person is not aware what you can do then they will not know to ask. the normal reaction to offering help is defensiveness so I guess the only time to be able to help is when someone is ready.


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