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Mark Knopfler is probably one of the best-known guitarists certainly in the UK. He was recently interviewed by a magazine who in response eto a question said “if I could go back to relieve any moment, it would be about 20 years ago, after a gig, walking down a corridor”

This guy was coming the other way and he stopped me. He said, “I want to tell you – I was suicidal tonight. But my mates came round and dragged me out to this concert. I just want you to know, I’m going to go on.” I thanked him, and I walked on and I felt fantastic. I felt I’d done some good in the world. That’s the power of music.

Here is another quote from the Barnabas magazine which is devoted to how Christians are persecuted throughout the world.

Daddy! Say no!
The normal method of execution of pastors captured by the North Korean communists was to shoot them. But in one case a large hole was dug, into which the pastor, his wife and several of their children were put. The pastor was asked to repent of having “misled” his people for many years by teaching them the Bible. If you refuse, the whole family were to be buried alive. His children cried out, “oh daddy, daddy! Think of us, daddy!”. The shaken father began to admit his guilt. But before he could finish, his wife nudged him, saying, “daddy! Say NO!”
“Hush, children,” she continued, “tonight we are going to have supper with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. “She started to sing the old hymn in the sweet by and by, which begins,

There’s a land that is fairer than day,
and by faith we can see it afar;
for the father waits over the way
to prepare us a dwelling place there.

Her husband and children joined in. Meanwhile the soil was thrown back into the hole, and gradually the family was buried, each one singing until they had to fall silent when the soil reached their neck, the children first. Any people watched this execution, and almost all of them later became Christians.

This may help those of us that are worried or concerned about being laughed at or being misunderstood.

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