The man who sews his own shirts

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One thing that is guaranteed is that the best things in life happen without premeditation or planning. When you plan something, there is no guarantee of success for example when you arrange a date, when you book a holiday, when you enter a restaurant, you are still taking a gamble that you were either enjoy the event or not enjoy the event.

Francoise and I decided to go to our old haunt, the Old Down Inn where mainly due to a diminution in drinking we had not been for some time about three months I think. She had some lovely fresh carp, and I had very tender roast beef for lunch.

On our return journey, we decided to pop into Midsomer Quilting, a place beloved of us for its friendliness especially the proprietor Chris and his wife. Coffee and biscuits are always on offer for which a donation is requested to Dorothy House. Chris was telling me how much he looks forward to coming to work each day and very much enjoys the fact that he and his company is well known throughout the world in the quilting community and people visit from America and Australia.

I love this clever and original quilting effort. The shadows are printed but the feet are selling on in a three-dimensional manner

We sat around and had a chat with the man who clearly had more than the average awareness. We asked him whether he did his own sewing and he said that he made his own shirt. He came back as the material because he got the measurements wrong , the left and right confused. He makes clothes for his model friends and will take on any challenge even though he doesn’t know how to make a particular item. He just looks it up in the Internet and gets the feel of what to do. In this picture he is explaining to Francoise the subtleties of how to lay the cloth to make it attractive.

He seemed to be a Buddhist by inclination and temperament, had been to Tibet and had all sorts of experiences. He lives in Glastonbury or just outside. I think if you want to meet people, you go to a place where creative people gather. It was just potluck that we started talking to him and we ended up at the same table at the same time. That’s the way things work.As a person who loves colour I enjoy walking around but Francoise is more deeply involved in myself and loves playing around.

The evening is turning into a dark, windy and rainy scenario. We were planning to go to the movies about a chap who climbs rocks without any gripes. It is called “free solo”. I’m sure it was a wonderful film but we felt far more like sitting in front of the fire and watching innocuous early evening TV.

I sent off a newsletter to all my people on the 5G mailing list. It was about Barrie Trower who is an indefatigable researcher and campaigner for added awareness into the dangers and damage of electromagnetic frequencies, microwaves, and the dreaded 5G which will kill us all. If you want to know who Barrie is, going to Youtube and type in Barrie Trower.  Be prepared to be seriously woken up.

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