Rain and wind

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So we’re getting these continual fronts arriving from the Atlantic. We either have 40 mile an hour winds, lashing rain or a combination of both. This does not help me starting my gardening season this year. I’m itching to use my new lovely Rolls-Royce like strimmer.  The motor positively purrs, a lovely sound. It zips through work that took me much longer to do using other methods and other stimmers (I hate mains or battery ones) They are toys.

We spent most of the day sitting in front of our computers. I did go for a visit to the allotment as I am preparing a big burn of detritus , wood, brambles another material which accumulate on our allotments. Irrespective of the weather, we plan to have a bonfire on Sunday afternoon at 4 PM. In wet weather, the trick is to prepare the fire very well with a combination of four example paraffin,  firelighters, small pieces of wood, newspaper, so that it quickly gets up to a certain temperature and you can burn wet wood or organic materials without any difficulty. Part of me is a pyromaniac, and I love fires. I love the smell of them, I love preparing them, lighting them, having the satisfaction of leaving a white sheet of action knowing that everything has been consumed.

Tomorrow, we have high winds but also sunshine so I will attempt to do some gardening then.

A dismal day for politics. Our Prime Minister Teresa May was defeated by 150 on the Brexit matter, and even larger margin than last time but she still insists on trying to follow a path even if it appears that the country will suddenly collapse in its wake. I think the country, by that I mean the general public, has completely lost the trust of politicians and I think it is time for a major structural change. I don’t know what, but something needs to happen.

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