Jet washing, a pleasant Sunday afternoon, a letter of concern

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It must be about 16°C now. Now = 4 PM UK time. The birds are making a great noise as they do when they are enjoying themselves. For some reason, the 10 or so goldfish in our pond have disappeared and had not been seen for the week. Since the pond is netted I cannot see who or what could have caused their apparent demise. If they had died then they would be floating on the surface.

I had a go at cleaning the patio at the back of my house. One thing you learn, you cannot resurrect the dead and if stonework has been exposed to the elements for say 20 years and has not been cleaned, the dirt has become part of the stone and can only be separated with the aid of chemical treatments which would mean you would destroy the surface of the stone as well. Paving stones have different characteristics for example slate is easier to clean.

I absolutely love having a day with nothing in my diary. Today I took the opportunity to add many new items to my 5Gexposed website including a very good panorama programme transmitted in January which shows that the government are fully aware of the damage caused by 5 G but  choose to do nothing about it. this is because there have been bought off. They have sold their souls. They have extracted millions and perhaps billions of pounds from licences to run 4G and then 5G. It is therefore not intelligent to approach someone in this position but more intelligent to inform as many of the population as possible so that pressure can be bought on them to change their mind.

In mid-May, there is a large open meeting for men to consider introducing an element of Christianity into their lives. It will be held in Frome at the Cheese and Grain which is an all-purpose meeting called for music, exhibitions etc.  Since the communication between myself and my local group is very much at a low ebb I have written to the chairman of the Frome men’s group to find out what is going on. With the event about five weeks away,  poster distribution should be well advanced as should be plans for writing to the local papers and may be some leafleting. The rule of “build it and they will come” doesn’t work these days and you just have to get out there and campaign.

It is very easy after an event, particularly if it is unsuccessful, to say ruefully “I wish I had spoken out” but I fear unless someone does something fairly soon the event is going to be a flop and if there are 500 seats, and only the four front rows are filled it will be a disaster. There is an added concern because some of over £2,000 has been raised by Christian men given in good faith. I consider that the organisers have a duty to perform due diligence and make sure that the money is well spent.

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