Will this be the great 5G confrontation, the people v. The corporates

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Today, at my cost, I spent most of the time creating a pop-up page on my 5Gexposed.com site I took on the huge task of going through the press of the world and finding out who has responded and in what way to the press release by one of the big mobile companies that they were going to test 5G in Glastonbury.

You never know when the truth will out and it could be that so many festivalgoers and potential festivalgoers protest that what EE is intended to be a wonderful publicity stunt for themselves would turn into a disaster. I very much hope it will. I don’t particularly want to have my body microwaved all the time without having any choice.

It took me about six hours to get the page together. If you would like to visit it, then click the link here.

Not much time for anything else today apart from staring at TV for a couple of hours and having an early night. Since putting the blackout material behind the curtains we are getting about 1 1/2 hours extra sleep which is absolutely great. If I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, it’s absolutely great.

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